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Valencia December tci tracking 12, 2012 -. With the call to keep on fighting, knee, to get the big win 16D, Miguel Flores, campaign tci tracking manager command tci tracking for governor of Carabobo, reported to be maintained together with the Units Battle in permanent campaign, in the sense that it will not leave the house to house visits in the communities of Carabobo entity. Flores said Francisco Ameliach and battle units made no visits from house to house for being exclusively an electoral event, but "framed by the need to solve the problems of the people, many of whom were and responsibility of the outgoing governor" . indicated that the campaign team feels extremely satisfied by the way it has developed, once the process began the first of November, with a full house at the Forum in Valencia tci tracking where 15,000 entered leaders. tci tracking "This campaign is driven by a "great revolutionary machinery these 658 commands arranged in the vicinity of polling stations (UBC), were deployed efficiently deployed and will continue to win the regional elections. That battle was the I dedicate our father Simon Bolivar homeland tci tracking and our maximum leader Hugo Chavez, for whom we pray for his speedy recovery, "he said. Similarly Flores, congratulated the 36 commands parish campaign who perform work accompaniment and support to UBC, so the municipal command who played a guiding role, monitoring and control, in terms of tasks and strategies that were designed from the command estadal campaign also our appreciation to the Great Patriotic Pole and allied parties - all of them our congratulations for the work they have been carrying all this conference "We have made a clean campaign with much civility and respect we can not say the same command the outgoing governor, who were dedicated to the dirty war. to slander, to overthrow our banners to scratch walls with obscene words, to disqualify and lie, forgetting to make constructive proposals for the development of the state. "indicated that at three in the morning of 16D revolutionary machinery is activated with cohetazo statewide and the touch of Diana, initiating a strategic plan in terms of search and defense of the vote that will allow us a landslide victory, with more than 150 thousand votes estimated advantage. tci tracking This note has been viewed about 3158 times.
Regional Deputy Chavez denounced reselling newsprint Despite complaints from workers approved will Cadivi tci tracking currency daily Unleashing expect the INTI deliver loaning land in custody Commune tci tracking West Carabalí performed first crop of Lara State Caraotas Newsprint is hidden: A string of irregularities in the newspaper "The Impulse" I denounce their workers Community Block 15 January 23 makes it a plea to Mayor Jorge Rodriguez Authorities declared mourning in Mechanical failure tci tracking city would have been cause of fatal school accident in Valencia Latest former Minister Alejandra Benitez I plan to return to Mature fencing: Venezuela is willing to establish full relations with USA Artists and Venezuelan farmers presented proposals for peace forum in AN InState Indigenous Parliament of America Attorney General announced tci tracking the addition of the Public Prosecutor to Movement for Peace and Life
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