Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Chief of the General Education Division of the Ministry of Education, Jorge Poblete said that

Educational Opportunity Foundation makes first learning session in Rancagua "Opportunity Foundation
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On occasion, he will release the Continuous Improvement methodology that works with the Foundation through its UBC project. This 2012 two other sessions bluedart courier will be held in the sixth region, aimed at sharing experiences between different schools participating in the project.
The Educational Opportunity Foundation, bluedart courier concerned to work for the early education of children living in conditions of social vulnerability is conducting on 27, 28 and 29 March the "First training session A Good Start: Promoting the development bluedart courier of the child (a) through the improvement of early education "in the city of Rancagua.
The initiative will raise awareness of the continuous improvement bluedart courier model that is currently being implemented bluedart courier in schools A Good Start-UBC-sixth of the region and aims to project sustainability. Professionals Foundation, through the "Support in room", bluedart courier they followed for two years educators and technicians from each of kindergarten classrooms in schools as part of UBC. With the above, seek to institutionalize the project and that the capacities are present in the system.
The organizers of this first training session expect an instance of participation and exchange of ideas between different stakeholders of the project: room equipment, directors, holders, representatives of health education and regional and central level.
"This activity will allow facilities managers and schools teams take ownership of the strategies implemented. For some evidence of this change will be presented to address very specific bluedart courier problems in schools, especially in the field of early childhood education, and demonstrate that these tests are successful, and result in improvements in the school environment, "said President the Mariana Aylwin. Fundación
The Chief of the General Education Division of the Ministry of Education, Jorge Poblete said that "we feel that the A Healthy Start project progresses, you can convey a lot of good ideas from this, so we can extrapolate as public policy and improve our processes with different schools participating in the project. "
For the Executive bluedart courier Director of the Foundation, Marcela Marzolo, "the idea is that in the first instance to familiarize participants with the methodology of continuous improvement, understand what the role they assume and commit various actions to make improvements quality of early childhood education that children receive most vulnerable in the region. "
It aims to track these sessions, both in the region and sixth in the Metropolitan Region. "We will hold two sessions in which they will see the results of interventions in the field and the fulfillment of the commitments made by the various actors and, next year, the same place in the communes of Santiago," said Marcela Marzolo.
"This activity is very important for children, educators, nursery technicians, ministry and Foundation for Educational Opportunity, because it helps us to work together and feel that we are together building a better future for our children," said Jorge Poblete.
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