Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mostly in the morning of Monday, February 25th, my phone rings CANTV. I tried to let it will ring,

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Mostly in the morning of Monday, February 25th, my phone rings CANTV. I tried to let it will ring, but I decided to take the call and immediately identified the voice that tried to greet me. What happened bald was the way to ask to take some air to hear him calmly. Indeed was a compatriot of tronconales of marabino couriermail origin, but he knows the nickname "bald". Do not know his real name. Hearing him speak hastily as all maracucho set in the east, I thought I would talk about the results of a follow-up a few comrades were doing some business in this very popular area of Barcelona, but then I was placing myself as hastily wanted comentarme the hairless. At that time, the bald had an unofficial first newsletter of process applications for mayor of Bolivar and according to the report, the hairless lived or suffered from an existential crisis or to be more precise, the hairless faces a kind of Shakespearean predicament : To be or not to be. Are the people is not Chavez or Chavez? couriermail After draining his troubles piled on the possible preference of militancy by Inés Fernández Pérez Sifontes and, in the process of nominations of the PSUV, the bald comes up at that hour of the morning, ask: What do you think cholito? I can not think of an answer because at that time, one will try to answer that Agnes probably eventually triumph in the application process the most important town of Anzoategui state, was philosophical, ideological and ethically complex. To the extent that the bald insisted couriermail that "what you think" was not in my memory no argument, but, as you heard, was an imaginary flight and territorially saw Carabobo Battle Units (UCB) in Tronconal 29 March quarter Colombia, Korea and other poor communities respond and say no to bald: Here must be going really would be a pod. I went back to paying attention to the question that made me strongly Baldy on "what you think", and I remembered that on Sunday the 24th, when we reviewed the development of assemblies, the Guacuto comrade, who lives in that area, reported on a situation that was very persistent and peeking under which, the National Directorate couriermail of the PSUV had the decision to veto candidates as Agnes Sifontes. I needed to shake and go bald meet solitude and quiet of my apartment. I immediately said: Calm down it, the black does not go above the National Directorate. Do not forget pelón that the regulations, in addition to 43 items you have the 21 in which it clearly states that "the National PSUV shall have the responsibility to exclude from the list that will be submitted for consultation to the membership any candidate, or -candidate who does not meet the requirements of Article couriermail 2 "insisted this: What do you think? I went to talk to tell, it is still too early to have an official list and think that Agnes Sifontes is leading this list and go further escorted by Pérez Fernández. On Monday night, he commented heavily couriermail on houses in Tronconal PSUV, Ines was Sifontes preferences UBC. I said and more internally: Something serious must be happening with militancy in Barcelona. couriermail It must be something very serious, because it is amazing that people are thinking of Inés Fernández couriermail and Pérez Sifontes. Or is bald and his team has conditioned me and everything I believed about Inés Fernández Pérez Sifontes and a lie? Thinking more about the situation and possible outcome, I said: If the National PSUV blocking this preference, and the situation is as I have raised the team Pelon, the question I have to I Have This Test otherwise: Nixing or closing Inés candidacy Sifontes resolves the National such a contradiction? Is this only in Barcelona or succession is a symptom of the whole relativity: I am Chávez and People's Chavez. Domi [email protected] ClauidioElcuaco This note has been viewed about 1748 times.
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