Monday, January 20, 2014

Module 50 CHANNELS WITH GPS ANTENNA four helical threads. GPS receiver module with four helical par

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Module 50 CHANNELS WITH GPS ANTENNA four helical threads. GPS receiver module with four helical parcels wire antenna, you can receive the signal even in extreme conditions. Equipped with the new chipset G6010 UBX - U-blox and is characterized by high sensitivity to process up to 50 channels with over 1 million correlators and can also block-L1 Galileo signals. Especially suitable for systems in which features such as performance, power consumption sensitivity, and size are very important. parcels Ideal for use in a location system GSM-GPRS/GPS laptop. SPECIFICATIONS Chipset: UBX - G6010 ROM: 384 kB Number of Channels: 50 Sensitivity: - Tracking: - 160 dBm - On acquisition: -144 dBm Update Frequency: 4Hz Four-wire helical antenna: - Frequency: 1575.42 MHz - Gain: -3.5 dBic - Beamwidth: 120 - VSWR: <2.0:1 Hot Start: <1 sec Warm start: <29 sec Cold start: parcels <29 sec Power supply: 3.3 Vdc Consumption Power: 35 mA GPS protocols: NMEA, UBX binary Dimensions: parcels 13.2 mm (diameter) x 50.8 mm (length) parcels x 14.8 mm (width) Weight: parcels 10 grams Temperature: -40 C to +85 C you may also be interested in the products of the following parcels categories REMOTE CONTROL REMOTE CONTROL GSM GSM FINDER GPS / GSM VARIOUS GPS / GSM GSM Accessories CARTOGRFICO RECEIVERS SOFTWARE MODULE parcels GSM GPS, GPS data logger with GPS GSM ANTENNA AND GPS Accessories GPS Notify me of Motor changes in GPS module 50 CHANNELS WITH ANTENNA four helical strands Quantity: Related Products Heavy duty clamp - 500 kg with TV-GS Característicascumple read more. Adapter for iphone 5 - Apple 30-pin (female) to lightning, 8-pin (male) - color black read more. High energy alkaline LR6 1.5 v 24 units. 4906.301.124 Features read more. High energy alkaline LR03/AAA 1.5 v 24 units. 4903.301.124 Features read more. Philips - 7-d master LEDspotLV gu10 50w 25d (155072 00) read more. Eminent parcels - usb 2.0 hard disk enclosure 3.5 "sata extension cable Features read more -. 5m - Color black extension cable read more -. 3m - black colored side ground Característicastoma read more Flux welding JBC enhancer 500 ml REPAIR CIRCUIT.. Flux welding JBC enhancer 500 ml. REPAIR CIRCUIT Flux enhancer ... read more. Flux welding JBC enhancer 15 ml. REPAIR CIRCUIT Flux welding JBC enhancer 15 ml. REPAIR CIRCUIT especially des Flux. read more .. 4 Digital cam Power supply Voltage:.. 3, 4.2, 5, 6, 6.5, 7 and 8.4 Universal input voltage 100-240V AC Regu ... read more DVI-D dual-link cable 1.50 meters. Nickel-plated, With thumbscrewsDVI-D 24 +1

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