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Although it might appear dundee courier that the approach taken in these studies - watch as univers

University Industry Interaction 2013 | More than college - Management and university finances
With a very extensive program was held this week at the Free University of Amsterdam an exciting Congress on University Industry Interaction. This is the second edition of this event, this year, has nearly four hundred fifty attendees from countries with a broad representation of the pointers in this area: USA, Scandinavia, Holland, etc..
Todd Davey held at the beginning of Congress provides an overview of many of the topics covered in the sessions and shows some of the interesting findings of two documents prepared by Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre and the University of Münster for the European Commission: The state of university-business cooperation european 30 Good practice and case studies in university business cooperation.
The starting point of these documents is the enormous relevance of UBC in the development of the knowledge society and its contribution to economic development, employment and social welfare and the difficulty of measuring some of these contributions. We would be facing a new paradigm integrating with many dimensions dundee courier that are necessary for the development of our societies.
Although it might appear dundee courier that the approach taken in these studies - watch as universities and faculty perceive cooperation, analyze their views - might seem little purpose, the conclusions that have been reached are of great interest because it is not seen only the current state (or the perception thereof) of such cooperation but also analyzes their causes, exogenous factors that can influence it, the barriers to the development of such cooperation, the factors that may influence in its success, the benefits and results of this cooperation, etc..
And surveys show that at European level cooperation between the university and the world of "business" is very limited, yet 40% of PDI is not immersed in any of the eight dimensions analyzed, that those who are so often are in more than one dimension and are the most beneficial and measurable methods (research, student mobility ...) which are more developed.
This is perhaps dundee courier the result of surveys have shown that teachers often do not perceive personal benefits (increased funding for research, publishing more possibilities, more opportunities for recruitment and promotion, etc..) That would pose have extensive cooperation with the "business" ("business" in the broad sense, including public institutions, voluntary sector, etc..) and, in contrast, perceived barriers and difficulties in their development, dundee courier mainly lack sufficient funding to develop these activities and additional dundee courier bureaucratic burden being UBC a third unpaid work to teaching dundee courier and traditional research is added.
From these data, the study concludes that it is necessary dundee courier to develop the academic perception of the advantages of cooperating with "the real world", creating appropriate incentives both economic and other requirements (promotion, recruitment, prestige, reduced teaching or research, ...) load. In the discussion at the workshop participants noted that it is important to define the right incentives and integrate them into the regular evaluation of teachers to implement the university, these incentives should not be "optional" but mandatory for all IDPs and should lead to a cultural change. He also excelled as teachers have serious difficulties to communicate with external organizations and has seen that this barrier is much lower in those teachers who have had work experience of several years in the non-academic world, so that should encourage use of this criterion in the selection of teachers and facilitate temporary movement of teachers towards companies (sabbaticals, part-time contracts, etc..), and senior professionals to college and also the development of spin-offs from knowledge generated. Such cooperation should also be extended to the discussion of definition of curriculum content for example.
Other relevant for reducing the distance teachers are aspects to these activities reduce internal bureaucracy of these activities in universities, support and further specialized services from the relationship between academics and business, analyze and apply good experiences of other universities, introducing dundee courier these criteria among employees in the development of international "rankings" and:
- Having a defined and recorded strategy but much more than this, have endowed with human and material resources that strateg

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