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Access the corporate directory from their own phones, which makes it possible to call anyone cour

Unified communications arrive at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia with UPCnet The new platform integrates into a single communication environment the fixed and mobile telephony, computers and mobile devices, email and instant courier service singapore messaging.
UPCnet empresa ICT services created by UPC has developed a platform for unified communications in a single courier service singapore environment to integrate different communication systems currently available in the University: courier service singapore fixed and mobile telephony, computers and mobile devices, email, instant messaging etc.
One of the most important objectives of this platform similar used to Harvard, Columbia, Penn State, and UCLA among altres is to facilitate the mobility of users and enable the promotion of initiatives that require improvements communication such as telecommuting or collaboration among staff located in different locations.
Have the phone number of the UPC in a corporate computer (laptop or PC) or a mobile phone or PDA, with the only requirement that these devices have an Internet connection. This allows you to call and receive calls from anywhere as if they were physically in the office of the University and that this would cost the same if it had been made from the UPC, regardless of the actual location of the user ( This is UPC home or a foreign country). This feature is particularly useful for teaching and research courier service singapore staff who travels frequently.
Access the corporate directory from their own phones, which makes it possible to call anyone courier service singapore UPC only know his name, without knowing their phone number.
Use a management tool to publish presence information about their status (available outside the workplace, busy, unavailable ...) and choose the best method to contact other users instant messaging, e-mail telephone, video calls, etc. depending on their availability.
Access to a web portal services to customize the maximum communications. For example, manage their voicemail, call forwarding set for days and time slots available and calls received, made and missed.
Among the benefits of the use of unified communications include the reduction of displacement, with consequent reductions in CO2 emissions, and reducing courier service singapore the costs of telephone calls, as they do on the Internet, and therefore no cost associated. In addition, the solution developed by UPCnet courier service singapore uses standards and free software tools, such as SIP (current industry standard for IP telephony systems) courier service singapore or Asterisk software and OpenSim, which represents a significant cost savings compared the use of proprietary solutions, which involves the payment of licenses associated with its use, among other expenses.
Currently, more than 350 people from various units of the UPC and / or related entities already use some features of the platform, such as staff research building Gaia Terrassa Campus of the International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering and the Polytechnic School of Castelldefels (both the Baix Llobregat Campus) Technology Centre of Vilanova, and UPCnet, who have the corporate directory accessible from landlines, the integrated voicemail with email, and telephone number of the UPC on a computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.
During 2009 will continue incorporating other features mentioned and start the progressive deployment to other campuses and units of the UPC, with the aim of integrating the platform for all users of the University during the academic year 2010- 2011.
UPC university as a pioneer and leader in the use of ICTs, committed to such systems, which provide great benefits for users and to society. The new solution is based on the initiative won the first edition of the Davyd Luque Award for Innovation courier service singapore in ICT, organized annually by the Board of Trustees and promoted by UPCnet and highlighting innovative projects in the field of ICT. The project was used as a starting point the report "draft implementing IP telephony courier service singapore network voice and data UPC" conducted by professors courier service singapore from the Department of Telematics Engineering of the UPC, and Antonio Jesús Alcober Oller and researcher in the same department, Andre Rios.
UPCnet is the company created by the UPC to provide services in all areas of technology

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