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On the 07/21/10 I made an order for Q-10 and a belt that can be dressed weights increase tension and parallel through, shipping through the "Global Dhl Post", afl courier the shipment had not arrived yet and the only thing I know about him is that he is in Israel for what 4.8, after investigation with a representative of, to someone have any idea how I can find out what's going on with the package and whether to someone had a similar afl courier experience with an invitation to Mr. using Global Dhl? I must say I already made a large number of orders from BB and all came with the exception of one order of Q-10 a long time ago from is actually, performed via an invitation to other shipments with who worked at the time, there could be a problem with the income Q-10 to Israel ?? How absurd it may sound ...
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I had the same problem just of the standard package, look at what do you call the post office packages 03-6303383 tell you ordered something and it did not come from abroad and from what you know it came to Israel in 4.8, say that you have no follow-up (that really did no shipping DHL GLOBAL), you try to give her your name in English and where ordering and by this it will try to find the package.
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Geez I ordered just two days ago a little something. Hopes to reach the next two weeks and six months. I think at the end of the most lucrative been ordered through FEDEX. Gainer ordered arrived within six working days, door to door without VAT and without other vegetables .. sounds weird, but I have been the most lucrative, then this is a weight or bulk too.
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Call / go to customs have information afl courier in the article on foreign orders contact details with Israeli customs Hours 8 to 14 Sunday through Thursday Fax 03-6303101 through the defense 137, Tel Aviv Telephone inquiries tel 03-6303369 customs related inquiries about E (customs) 03-6303383
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Thank you all! Tomorrow morning we will try to call to customs and see how this story will end, FedEx is always faster option but also always have a state of the shipment Iokb finances and have to pay a lot of money on all kinds of nonsense they want there, in short order from abroad supplements have better luck IQ ...
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To the best of my knowledge, no, my last order this what you type: Tracking Number: There is no tracking information available for this shipping method. Shipping Method | International afl courier Postal Service (7-14 Days)
There DHL tracking number and BB in their systems, it is not something afl courier you can check the website of DHL, so they know where the package. Regarding your order, if you fail to get it up to the 09/21/10 will bring you a credit less the shipping price. I have a package was released after a month and a half, almost two months from BB.COM, I contacted afl courier them chat and a few days later I received a letter from Customs, but it was a pretty big package with some 6-7 billion buckets and balls
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Short update about the package, today I contacted mail packages through customs and, according to the clerk I spoke to her she must bill of lading, after I explained to her that such as the package was invited afl courier through global dhl She tried to learn by the time of delivery was at 21.7 to the present and did not find anything about package, as is gone ..
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