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UPC A few years ago who is studying the migration of e-mail service in the cloud. Following a threa

UPC A few years ago who is studying the migration of e-mail service in the cloud. Following a thread on the topic in the list of the Assembly of the Free Software Chair, I reflect on the issue also want to share from the blog. We recommend you read the whole thread and especially the document prepared in Vila Sebas with their assessments.
The subject of the email as a commodity is something interesting to note, I agree. courier mail qld But is not the only and do not think that the main current of the UPC. Given the serious economic situation of the UPC, the first to be put on the table is an economic analysis of the actual cost of mail service distributed units, the cost would be if centralized in one single point within the UPC and finally Outsource it would cost, considering the cost of migration that is not spoken at any time, and return it home if circumstances change. With the technical and economic analysis, together with risk analysis could determine whether to take the plunge and do it now if necessary.
Another important aspect to consider is the view that service users are present. As indicated in Sebas, maybe show us that there is an important part of people courier mail qld within the UPC are no longer using the mail service and therefore does not represent courier mail qld a significant cost. But also keep in mind that many years ago an attempt to ignore the Lotus Notes and there is no way to get it, force users still use it to read your mail. If until now has not been possible to eliminate the Notes which suggests that these users want to switch to anything else?
The risk of failure courier mail qld is really high for many reasons, but mainly because it is considering a complete migration of the mail service today. I wonder why you can not do a pilot project with different groups of users and make a careful analysis of what would complete the migration. Has become the topic of telecommuting, why not with e?
I agree with Marc we assess whether the mail is a strategic service or to devote our efforts to other services that have the most impact on teaching and research. But as a coach I feel that mail is like UPC UPC network are transversal services which carry other services. No value for the work that we have known or reasonably find alternatives (3G phones are one example).
If the UPC was a startup dedicated to making open source hardware and software, e would clearly not be a strategic service and no dedicated resources. But our field is to share knowledge efficiently think we have control of our own communication channels. This is not to compete with cloud services because who wants now is using without permission, we provide the service courier mail qld needed by our users. So perhaps we should worry first to know if we are providing the service they want and if they are doing well. Neither useless speak for users without specific details of what we think of the service.
Finally, an interesting aspect to consider is that the postal service has not changed much because it is one of the most ubiquitous worldwide coast and make changes (for example, to combat courier mail qld spam, etc.). Interestingly this is an area of research that looks at dead end, but I think it has a lot of potential. If the UPC disclaims manage their own email will be giving one of universal services on which progress in research could have a major impact for all humanity. Seriously UPC can afford or has pioneered courier mail qld the future courier mail qld of email? If you would be, would not make much sense to have outsourced their own service, right?
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