Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Your slow? Became Cart faltering? Weak computer? Or simply, you are hungry for performance? This is

Your slow? Became Cart faltering? Weak computer? Or simply, you are hungry for performance? This is the guide for you! Huindos southern courier forward started: cleanliness and order as everything in life Huindos your bulk "dust and dirt" over time and loses some of the original form of his, so we'll start something that we all hate to clean up ... 1. enters the "Control Panel" >> "Add or Remove Programs. "And we will remove all the software that should not. All mercilessly. 2. Leave a separate partition from C to be used for the installation of the drive C will remain southern courier available only Lweindos. 3. Clean your desktop - keeping less than 10 icons on the space work does wonders for agility system (preferably southern courier leaving only the "My Computer", "Recycle southern courier Bin" and "My Network Places" as needed). 4. The software now wonder we reduce the Ccleaner from and will install. Opened the program and the main window tab "cleaning" pressed "Run Dry" and confirm. Pressing the tab "Register" in the first stage is pressed on the "Scan for Issues" and when the scan is pressed on the "Fix selected issues ...". Now you can eat off the floor of your computer :). But even multi-task to speed up XP. Reduction resource consumption even when we do not touch the computer is still running about things in the background - and in many cases unnecessary things. Our goal in this section of the manual to reduce southern courier the consumption of computer resources! eliminating the design and effects of XP as of XP looks nice, and it's southern courier heartwarming to see all the pull-down menu nice effect but the sight of Lindos is exactly one of the things that take rushed our computer resources unnecessarily. came to "Control Panel" >> "System" >> pressed the tab "Advanced" >> and performance titled "Definitions". I recommend Most selecting "Adjust for best performance", but if very difficult for you to say goodbye to the familiar sight of XP you can select "Custom" and adjust according to your preference. the services of Lindos No, I'm not talking about where Sweindos wipes his ass, but the same processes southern courier that run in the background and often provide useful and quirky southern courier needs. Now we will learn how to disable them, which of them to cancel and which ones you should leave: * The following settings are valid for use on a computer for browsing through the router over a wired connection and a home network option. ** If you are on a computer other services southern courier than those in the table below do not touch them! Pressed "Start" >> "Run ..." >> and press "services.mcs." Window will open services. The availability of services can be changed by double-clicking the service, change the startup type, Apply and OK. Proceed according to the following table:
Startup type Alerter Application Layer N Gateway Service Unavailable ASP.NET State Service Unavailable Unavailable Automatic Updates Background Intelligent Transfer Service Automatic BrSplService not available ClipBook N Event System COM + COM + N N System Application Auto Computer Browser Cryptographic Services DCOM Manual Automatic Server Process Launcher DHCP Client Distributed Link Tracking Auto Disabled southern courier Client Distributed Transaction Coordinator southern courier DNS Client not available auto Error Reporting Service Disabled Automatic Event Log Extensible Authentication Protocol Service not available in Fast User Switching southern courier Compatibility N Health Key and Certificate Management Service not available southern courier Help and Support HTTP SSL Not available Not available Human Interface Device Access N IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service Indexing Service Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Infrared Monitor Disabled southern courier IPSEC Services southern courier Logical southern courier Disk Manager N Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service Unavailable Unavailable MS Messenger Software southern courier Shadow Copy Provider Net Logon Unavailable Unavailable southern courier Net.Tcp southern courier Port Sharing Service not available NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing is not available in Network southern courier Access Protection Agent N Auto Network Connections Network DDE Network DDE Not available Not available DSDM Network Location Awareness (NLA) Auto Network Provisioning Service not available in NT LM Security southern courier Support Provider N Performance Logs and Alerts N Auto Plug and Play Portable Media Serial Number Service is not available in Print Spooler Protected Storage Automatic Automatic Disabled QoS RSVP Remote Access Auto Connection Manager is not available in Remote Access Connection Manager is not Available Remote Desktop Help Session Manager N Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Automatic Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator Remote Registry Not available Not available southern courier Not available Removable Storage Routing and Remote Access Disabled Disabled Secondary Logon Security Accounts Manager Security Center not available southern courier not Available Server Shell Hardware Detection Auto Auto Smart Card N SSDP Discovery Service Disabled Automatic System Event Notification System Restore Service southern courier Disabled Disabled southern courier Task Scheduler TCP / IP NetBIOS Helper Telephony Disabled southern courier automatic Telnet Terminal Services Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Themes Uninterruptible Power Supply N Universal Plug and Play Device Host Unavailable Volume Shadow Copy N WebClient southern courier Windows Audio not available Auto Manual Windows CardSpace Windows Firewall / Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is not available Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Windows Installer Manual Automatic Windows Management Instrumentation not available for Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extensions Windows Time Not available Auto Wired AutoConfig N Wireless southern courier Zero Configuration WMI Performance Not available Not available Workstation Adapter Auto and this optimistic note - we take the road well all processes that run along with the rise and Lindos

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