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It would have been even more embarrassing if

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Weekend of American Independence Day, 4th of July, the American public has expressed his preference for loud and clear: Minionim No, cowboys out. This summer indeed quite mediocre in terms of quality films, and low peaks and openness super-huge, but at least there are a lot of surprises when it comes to films that succeed - and those who did not.
Comment on the calendar: Fourth of July this year witnessed, Not so surprisingly, the fourth of July, was on Thursday. So any new releases this week on Christmas Eve, Wednesday - two days that they have received Four on the weekend. And from the first moment, the picture was clear: "Steal the Minions", the sequel of "Despicable Me", is a huge hit. If you look at data from the weekend (Friday to Sunday) only, "Steal 2" brought $ 82.5 million - an amount almost identical to open (very large) of "Monsters University" two weeks ago. It is very beautiful in itself - but S"gnov the Minions "did it after I was shown two days, including put 35 and 24 million. Overall, the film took $ 142 million in five days, and that, with all due respect to Pixar, much more impressive. Falls of animated films tend to be slow, and that means Sl"minionim "There is an excellent chance to bypass the" monsters "(include revenue of $ 216 million to date) to become the most successful animated film of the summer, and even reach $ 300 million and make a movie summer's most successful of any kind is not "Iron Man 3". Next year will further Minionim film, and what seems to date as rash looks now like a very wise investment. Minionim worth a lot of money.
On the other hand: even the disappointment of "The Lone Ranger" was clear from the start. The film took $ 10 million within its first day; The weekend is finished with $ 29 million, and total - less than $ 50 million in five days. It was not so bad if it were not this is one of the most expensive films of this summer: the reports overnight express of his budget range from 215 million to 250 million, if not more. Most of the reviews (I do not agree with them) also were very unfavorable, and that means Disney can register overnight express themselves another failed attempt to start Frnz'iiz-new adventure. For some reason it just does not go to them, "John Carter," "Tron," "marginal Sorcerer," "Prince of Persia" - all of them Disney invested overnight express everything they had, and it just did not work, and they were all very expensive failures. If even Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp can not make the magic of "Pirates of the Caribbean" to return, then maybe you should stick to Disney Lfrn'tziizim they acquired from others when they are ready - Marvel and Star Wars. " After all, there is nothing to worry about.
It would have been even more embarrassing if "Lone Ranger" would have lost second place Nervous overnight express fire ", overnight express and it was pretty close: After a small drop of only 36%," overnight express The Heat "/" fire "took out another $ 25 million. To cheer him up, Lone Ranger can look a little lower down the table, and be happy that at least he did not, "White House Down". Even national patriotic holiday did not help much film live-dead-White House failed, he fell to sixth place, and barely limped to include income of $ 50 million after nearly two weeks in theaters. The difference can also hope respectable revenue outside the US (" Lone Ranger "is a very famous figure in South America, for example)." Washington "no.
Another phenomenon and surprising top ten this week: "Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain" is filmed performance of stand-up comedian Kevin Hart, despite limited distribution puts amounts that would not shame movies "real": weekend $ 10 million, $ 17 million five days. There is such a genre of films stand-up comedy filmed, but since the days of Eddie Murphy and "Raw" from the eighties, very rare to see such a film in list of blockbusters. Is Kevin Hart is the late Eddie Murphy millennium? Personally I'm not sure I've ever heard of him. On the other hand on Tyler Perry never heard before he started making three films a year and make a lot of money, so I guess Slhart has a future.
Therefore surprising to see a successful one. Possibly followed Movies Movies seems a few more talented standup comics. (Unless attributed the success of the film to the fact that he is "black film")
Quietly, and with hard work, Kevin Hart built himself in recent years the most successful comedian overnight express in America. He no longer is, far from it (not that he has a bad reputation, or something, just do not talk about the "lift") and is not in question, but is most successful. How did he do it? Except that it's funny, overnight express it takes years of email addresses to anyone who comes to his shows and willing to give your email address. And each time he returns to the city, he announces. And lists swelled and swelled, and referrals. And now is, as mentioned, the most successful overnight express comedian in America.
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About "difference", just throw the hair - I realized the film there is a conflict with the Indians and everything. Perhaps Americans do not really want to see it on their independence, even though Johnny Depp. (By the way, this is already the second time someone casting directors white summer role was originally an Indian / Indian.)
And broke all records Laz. Up to the series "Entourage", hero comic series starring in the film, and manages to bypass Ashkara Spade's record, which causes tremendous fun for everyone. And what I remember such detail Trevi stupid when I'm not particularly overnight express inclined to remember her kind of work? Just because that Fourth of July wedding day was my first partner of the US, and I went to Los Angeles on the occasion overnight express of the wedding and saw Spade matinee for the second time in one of the film there. Of course, even then July Fourth weekend did not fall over, Then the movie came out officially on 30 June already, then I saw him the first time, in New York.
Always when renting a hall and put Foster always have this fear who knows every person who did the Supreme overnight express birthday

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