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Even today, after more than twenty years I am surprised equally useful innovations and inventions a

Usable design Things that we could not predict we want
At the end of lunch yesterday it happened to a family relative in Canada he took out a camera and asked me at some point to take some pictures. He handed me a camera rather large and bulky and I took two pictures I heard a sound I had not heard in years - film reset ran back after twenty six pictures taken. "Finally I finished this film," he said, smiling. While holding the device noisy I could not think of that before fifteen anyone with a camera like no Phill day when he will have a digital camera and what can be learned from the innovation, design and the ability for users to contribute class planning solutions of tomorrow.
As someone who grew up in the eighties of the last century I, like many readers of this blog, I believe, remember everyday use tapes that were in use before the Commodore 64 computer diskettes. So it would seem that made Atari high technology and old-fashioned record player and show limited. Records were much larger than from tape and you could record them. Operation of the phonograph demanded delivery service skill and finesse in the deck's buttons clicks suffered violence and harsh weather conditions. When someone in the family bought a VCR and suddenly we could view and edit recorded broadcasts it was magic. The device was today's standards bulky box but then it seems the most compact in the world. delivery service
When he reached the double tape It was a surprise that made the tape home to sophisticated editing device. The computer was better than -286 Commodore 64, but no one expected or hoped that one day all the world's computers are connected through telephone lines or otherwise. Maybe some scientists geniuses underground military institutions, delivery service but ordinary users who admired the screen with four colors and thin disks replaced the tapes felt that they were living the future. Storage space of a few hundred bytes was enough as computer memory Hmazri in today's terms.
Answering machine looked great invention and also gorgeous mobile phone buttons made for everyone delivery service to feel CEO services. The -286 to -386 and became a VGA screen turned to Super VGA. Every innovation was refreshing, surprising and desirable. At first only one child was crying screen with thousands of colors about the game Golden Axe looked amazing and the early nineties in middle school it was already standard. I do not recall anyone ever wished for better display or faster computer. What was there seemed peak and we settled in. People who have tried to predict the future path all provided descriptions of flying cars, houses and wearing silver sky never arrived or showed any sign that they plan to visit.
In the early nineties the word "modem" became common and very small group of super-geeks used BBS to communicate by computer. I remember the first time I heard a computer dials it seemed to me the most futuristic world. Suddenly delivery service the thought that your computer gets Terminal to the world outside the room was almost incomprehensible. The CD has already started to erode sales of tapes and records and the thought that we hear music by laser was delusional. A laser beam? To listen to music? Living Room? Who could think of that? How did they know we would prefer it over the tapes with the film should catch up and stretch with a pencil?
In the mid-nineties I started to see people with mobile phones were not necessarily business people holding a gray brick with an antenna in hand. "You can put all the Encyclopaedia Britannica on one ROM" delivery service My father delivery service told me he had read in the newspaper. I was first exposed to the Internet in 1997 and the rest is history. Along the way I have described innovations and inventions surprised us. If someone from SONY or Apple would ask us what we would like for the device to listen to music I doubt anyone would have something akin to the iPod or any other digital delivery service player for that matter. More sense that most people would ask her to record tape more than three hours because it is the model they knew.
Users do not foresee the future and foster delivery service innovation. This is done talented people with a vision, technological understanding, sensitivity and no luck. Many inventions fail not become standard (see Laser Disc) but those that do can change history. I retired nostalgic description describes how technological developments in the field of computing delivery service capabilities, communications, miniaturization and digitizer encourage inventors to try other things. We users are not aware of any changes These and just want to listen to music, watch TV and communicate with each other. We are surprised every time and find that we desire things that we could not predict we want.
Even today, after more than twenty years I am surprised equally useful innovations and inventions and desirable. delivery service It used the CD and now it's delivery service the iPod Touch. I do not know how I can benefit those who conceived them, but many times I feel like they read my mind. At any given time we look reality in advanced technology and often futuristic. Inventors see and feel what people do and how they live to conceive solutions using available technological know-how very few people. Sometimes they speak to us of potential users to learn what we're doing and get us direct and indirect feedback on their ideas. In the end they take a chance and give birth to many reasons delivery service solutions can fail and forgettable.
2. Such thoughts crossed my mind this week, when I played delivery service "Prince of Persia" my cell phone. Do not believe so mobile delivery service subsection (k610i) capable of running plays in a much more rapid and impressive computer from half a room caught me before so many years. (Not to mention the capacity to mp3, facing a record turntable ...)
MP3 is an excellent example of the invention that users could not ask because they were not aware of the possibilities of compression and did not consider any direction. As with the tapes, I believe that normal users have been asking for CD with a larger storage space because that's what they knew. It was very difficult to get them to innovation

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