Monday, February 9, 2015

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This is one of the most important results that emerge from the satisfaction survey in which year groups have responded PDI, PAS and students. Data that are considered representative given that a total of 1,339 respondents members of the university community.
The satisfaction survey clearly reflects a diversity of needs arising in different user experiences. Overall, Athena Digital Campus stands the professional courier out as the most important service for the whole of the University then secondly, to access the Internet. Other basic services such as email and access to the wireless network are also valued for outstanding community UPC.
Well established services such as fixed telephony the professional courier have also obtained a remarkable score (8.08) result in this case is explained by the benefits it provides unified communications service eConnect.
In particular, the Athena Digital Campus service widely used by students and also used significantly by PDI has obtained an overall 7.26. Internet access, with a score of 7.85, was also one of the services that have been distinguished with a good assessment by the set of users.
Regarding the mail service also recorded a remarkable the professional courier degree of satisfaction, with an average of 7.30. Also, a campus where mobility plays an important role, the wireless network has been welcomed by all service groups, with an overall of 7.03.
The survey also provides an updated user work environments University. Again, the Windows operating system used, although the use of MacOSX is quite significant in all groups the professional courier except PAS maintains Ubuntu as a second option. When surfing the internet, but Mozilla and Google are those who dispute the reign. Firefox is clearly the preferred option by the staff of the UPC in half of the cases, while Chrome is chosen by 66.67% of the students.
The results in 2014 show improved the professional courier levels of user satisfaction regarding the services offered by UPCnet. Beyond indicators, this extensive study provides a large amount of data regularly to perform in-depth analysis and continuously improve the quality of services.
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