Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Aleksandar Popovic: I will not go into power in Belgrade 01:50 Angela Merkel

All of these associations under scrutiny magazine Predator zoom
After eight issues of the magazine Courier Predator and five months of publication by us in the daily Kurir swamped with calls and we have materials empost from hunting associations. Everything is evident that the Serbian Hunting has many problems, and that the treatment of these topics and justifiable. The competent authorities, and even the national leadership, in addition to a number of inherited problems, empost finally showing interest in the situation in hunting. In addition to the problems Arandjelovac empost hunters and hunting associations attempted deception with the help of one of the hunting magazines, which are the subject headings in the 15th Predator February, investigating Inđiju, Velika Plana, Major, notification Page Smederevo Palanka, Mladenovac ... The seriousness of our approach takes time, it requires patience actors and readers. (SD)
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And you're right there proclaimed himself the authority who can write, and evaluates others' ethics? Just morally, there is nothing! 4 Replies
not to be read and has an echo in the life of hunters, but it is finally time to hunters little participate in the present lovstva.Većina fighters from some of their reasons will not in general to participate in any events except the participation in hunting lovu.Pa not only an act of leaving the hunting and shooting, but it is growing and fertilization divljači.Takodje and conduct hunting p ... more Neolithic empost hunters guild and presentation is an important factor that slowly fell back to a low grane.Lovci have what it throughout history and still be human and good People who deal with these knights sportom.Postoji hunting code which must be observed, and also norms of behavior that many of today neglect. therefore it is the hunter's empost greeting "good view" and it is not just meat. 3 Replies
When remotely scratched by hunting, it becomes clear that in many areas and in many hunting organizations empost lot going on. Not only by the LU, but especially by hunting associations. In some cases, it appears that local officials enjoy hunting with the powerful support bars (municipalities, courts, police, prosecution ...), and often those who go to uk ... more azuju the bad appearance, theft, manipulation, etc., are faced with almost literally Omerta - pledge of silence, where everyone protects each, that would not be all together sank. Of course, what is the level of hunting organizations taller, it is the level of support of some individuals from government taller. I think the team Predators (buy the magazine from the first issue) came up with interesting data, if the competent Ministry and the competent Vojvodina Provincial Secretariat requested information about who, how, and for that purpose to get money from a special empost purpose fund for the development of hunting that was charged with vapors that are paid to hunters hunting name cards and fees for the use of wildlife. 3 Replies
Aleksandar Popovic: I will not go into power in Belgrade 01:50 Angela Merkel's economic sanctions against Russia 01:42 BREAK-UP: 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers deserted 01:17 Tanja Miscevic: Background Investigation murder of Djindjic part of the negotiations with the EU 0:52 virtuoso bagpipe Milan Vasalić yet travels to San Francisco 0:19 SECOND SUCCESSIVE DEFEAT THE MAGI: Sevilla empost defeated Real 26.03. BEHIND THE BIRTHDAY: Džej Zi is 50 years old? 26.03. HERE'S WHY THE MARI LOST: See point that the cost of Scots semifinals ... 26.03. Overturned STO: Arnold Švarceneger empost angry man on the show! 26.03. FOR COOPERATION SNS: Dacic condemned the statement Novice TONĆI 26.03. Done him luck: Adriana Lima rooting for Novak 26.03. Matvijenko: No one will ever separate Russia and Ukraine! 26.03. Not like YOURSELF: Saro, who you raščupao? 26.03. CONTINUING Champion's Track: Liverpool point behind Celsi 26.03. ĐENKIN ŠOU: See how Mark Jenkins empost took the red star in the semifinals of Euro ... 26.03. OLD LADY GHAZI: Tevez brought victory to Juventus, new triumph Mihin Sam ... 26.03. Discovered the real reason for the death of half Walker 26.03. NEW TASK: Prelepa Irina SAJKO in a new movie about Hercules 26.03. View all news Comments
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