Monday, March 31, 2014


Although we were close associates, he (Nikolic) never anyone of us did not mention business post their studies. We were all surprised when we heard that he graduated, and as we learn from the newspapers, one of the exam is given at the time as he was with us at the convention, said Šarović zoom
BELGRADE - SRS senior official Nemanja Sarovic said that radical doubt the correctness of diplomas business post presidential candidate Tomislav Nikolic business post and sympathizers SRS invited to the second round of the presidential election do not vote for either candidate.
"Even business post though we were close associates, he (Nikolic) never anyone of us did not mention their studies. We were all surprised when we heard that he graduated, and as we learn from the newspapers, one of the exam is given at the time as he was with us on convention, "said Šarović.
Šarović added that radicals will not support any candidate in the second round of presidential elections, because, in his words, "Radicals do not see the difference between politics Boris Tadic and Tomislav Nikolic."
Nikolic: There was no pressure because of the Crimean crisis
Let your Sarovic, and Tadic and Nikolic, let them vote for who he wants, but what we will with our catastrophic results? And whether business post you like the answer for the debacle SRS in this election? It usually interested in membership SRS 80 Replies
It can not be to blame for Šarović result of the parliamentary elections ... We know how it goes: ssIzvršni Board> County Board> City Council> Municipal Board> Meat Board Republikass> Okrugss> Gradss> Opštinass> Meat zajednicassS what, to go from the bottom pyramid, actions carried out by the meat board may adopt 0.00001% business post in the UK. result, climbing ... and more towards the tip, every action brings more results. Therefore, the Executive is responsible for the Republic, the District of District, City to City, etc. .. Republic pulls all the voices down and it is responsible for the Executive Board and that's the end of each discussion, Šarović is responsible for the city but not to the same extent as IO .. I did not failed in Gd, but in the whole of Serbia 0 Replies
No penalty for tax PROPERTY: business post After nine months, no registration! 19:26 MENU: What you eat when you're not in the mood 19:26 cried from happiness: Kajmakoskog fans in Mekedoniji shot down the leg Krstic 19:08: Continuation of structural reforms and fiscal consolidation, 19:01 (video) this is rare: Lightning 3 times hit the plane! 19:00 Landing at war gymnasia: 800 girls competed! 18:59 Klitschko Tymoshenko calls to withdraw business post from the nomination! 18:56 LASTE COLLISION AND GOLF: Man killed in Smederevo road! 18:50 unstoppable NOLE Milan congratulated Djokovic winning the title in Miami ... 18:42 Sasa Kovacevic: In love everything is fine, but again I have the health pr ... 18:39 following the defeat business post of the Socialists: Pale government business post in France! 18:28 Nebojsa Covic: Dule, rocking out're married! 18:02 Milijas visited the injured fans: Milos jersey of captain Zvezda 17:50 DRUNKEN zagrepcanin overran the boys (7): Does not matter business post one Roma less! 17:49, sick GA whistles: Real Fans shocked Ronald 17:48 NONE OF THE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS: Cadets drew with Genmany 17:13 Vasojevici offered to Putin: Make a Russian base in Montenegro! 17:12 Isidora Simijanović new muse Srdjan Dragojevic 17:05 Show all news Comments
Video on couriers Other videos police investigation: Milosevic ordered the murder gun stock! PROVEN: Milosevic ordered the liquidation of Bosko Perošević disperse due to the opposition? MILOSEVIC AND AFTER MURDER Zika Petrovic: Director Flocks silenced for presenting state pair of countries have found three mass graves: Victims of the hospital in Vlasoticne the end of 1944. await exhumation! AND 15 YEARS AFTER: Sorry, we did not know it was invisible!
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