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Do not miss ... SUPPORT: Tomislav Nikolic and Novak Djokovic shook hands before the match (VIDEO) N

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Do not miss ... SUPPORT: Tomislav Nikolic and Novak Djokovic shook hands before the match (VIDEO) Nemanja Vidic: I hope to defeat Novak Djokovic COST AS A HOUSE: Nine and a half million dinars tickets for Novak and Endija without success 77: Novak for the extension of British curse HEAD UP: Boys from Only Fools and Horses and Fear Tesi George Novak was not used: of Murray immediately dropped the cup KINGDOM elated: Congratulations from all sides of Murray!
The latest local tennis player who won Wimbledon was Fred Perry 1936th years, and is a great euphoria reigned in London during the match, especially after having played the last points and the victory Endija quipux of Murray.
"Andy is a deservedly won. Know how he, his team and all of you in the land that meant. Congratulations. Pressure that has makes his success even more. Lot of expectations from him here, but this year managed to make the decisive step. gave my best, and it was a pleasure and an honor to be a part of this match, "he said after details Novak Djokovic.
Djokovic nervously entered the match, she sinned in the first match and so allowed as many as three of Murray Breaks ball. In the first match he managed to save Breaks balls, but not the third. Again, the Briton had three Breaks opportunities and this time managed to seize servicing Serbian tennis player and led 2-1. After almost ten minute third game when he dropped a gem on his serve, Djokovic of Murray responded the same way. In the next match of the used Breaks chance to even the score. After two safe and short game, again followed, and then a longer one is made of Murray Breaks and took a 4-3, and in the future and confirmed that Breaks. Of Murray's second Breaks was quite enough that after one hour of the game's first set 6:4.
The first tennis player the world has a second set started much better, he played aggressively and decisively, and at the outset gained an advantage of 4-1. Despite these advantages, Djokovic continued to serve poorly and allowed the work of Murray in the seventh game back Breaks, and then to equalize at 4-4. In the 11th match of the British player has, after a nervous game Djokovic and discussion with the judge, quipux once again took the first set of tennis players of the world, that in the next match of more than convincingly, without losing points, confirmed Breaks, and won the second set (7-5).
Djokovic is a very bad start to the third set. He lost his serve in the first match, and easily obtained after the next game, of Murray led 2-0. When it seemed quipux that the match looked to be over, Serbian tennis player has played much better and managed to reverse the result and led 4-2. However, it was all Djokovic did in this match. Very quickly quipux the work of Murray leveled at 4-4 and then took the serve and Djokovic took the lead with 5:4.
In the next game, the Briton was serving for the victory, quipux for his first title at Wimbledon and other gren slam trophy. Accompanied by a great noise in the central field of Murray, with fewer problems, climbed quipux after more than three hours of play to take advantage of a fourth match point and win their most important trophy.
4:6 - The end! Too bad he could to Novak Breaks and overtime details, but did not succeed. 4:5 - New brejt the work of Murray. The third gem in a row, so the Scot serving for the match. 4-4 - Scottish tennis player is fully regained control of this set. 4:3 - Unfortunately, the work of Murray immediately returned Breaks quipux and reduced to 4:3. The Scot has won all three seventh gems so far. 4:2 - New Breaks for Serbian tennis players. The fourth gem in a row and lead 4-2. 3:2 - confirmed gem Serbian tennis player, three related gems for Djokovic. 2-2 - Djokovic returned Breaks behind and equalized in the set at 2-2. 1:2 - Viner Four in a row for Djokovic and reduced the lead in the third set. 0-2 - The Scot confirmed Breaks. 0:1 - Breaks immediately quipux at the start of the third set. Of Murray made a big step in this match.
5:7 - The end of the second set, the work of Murray arrived from 1:4 to 7:5 and 2:0. 5:6 - In the worst moment Novak Djokovic lost his serve. Of Murray will serve for the second set. 5:5 - Two unforced errors Djokovic quipux to tie in games. 5:4 - Serbian tennis quipux player without dropping his serve points won. Of Murray served in the next match of the stay in the set. 4-4 - The third consecutive game for the work of Murray. Djokovic did not use two Breaks quipux chances, and Andy is well odservirao and got the tying goal. 4:3 - pity. Scottish tennis player returns Breaks and now serves to completely back in the second set. 4:2 - without major tensions of Murray wins his service. 4:1 - Confirmed Breaks! 30:30 After two great moves Djokovic to confirm Breaks. 3:1 - First Breaks in the second set, Djokovic true! "Crackled to" the Serbian tennis player in a long exchange of punches and now Scot often common mistake. 2-1 - Djokovic has started service, wins his game for the leadership. 1-1 - The Brit with a lot of hassle and after a series of strokes won the first game of the second set on his serve. 1:0 - Novak won the first game of the second set. Serbian tennis player and is well served by the first game of the second set came with only one lost points.
4:6 - Endi of Murray wins the first set. Scot odservirao flawless and won this gem without losing points. It is clear that Djokovic has to reduce the number of errors with basic

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