Thursday, March 20, 2014

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The main culprit in this social network. According to the study, British portal "", which was attended by 1,953 people, one of the barriers of modern times is that partners spend more time on the internet, and less in the conversation and fun.
Even fifth pairs embarked early in the relationship, thinking that was enough impression that they have gained with Facebook and Twitter your better half. Almost half of the surveyed couples admitted that social networks have actually adversely affected their relationship, while more than 33 percent of cases of social networks have led to the breakup.
Despite parcel plus these results, the former partners are finding new love, you guessed it - just on Twitter and Facebook parcel plus is. "Although parcel plus it is the seventh year so far was crucial liaison and couples are the most tortured on a romantic level, the modern way of life is changed. This is wrong dominance of social networks," explained a spokesman George parcel plus Charles portal.
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Since when have made this one of the fb all became sociologists, educationalists, psychologists, philosophers, sages, man .... I'd say it's full of Serbia Njegosza successor, and in fact the vast majority of inherited Šojić! 4 Replies
BELGRADE: Two youths injured in a traffic accident in Batajnica 07:59 Nikola parcel plus Selakovic: Saric was spread with the help of the state! Today 07:59 Euro 115.86 dinars 07:54 TODAY couriers: parcel plus FIRST DAY IN PRISON: Saric ate pate and bread, ask about .. 07:45 Aleksandar Sapic: parcel plus I'm glad that my dance to help someone! 07:45 LIVE DAY 31: Ukraine declares Crimea temporarily occupied territory ... 07:44 PREGNANT IN SPOT: Beca made baby Stanija 7:35 Uzice: scabies in drinking water are not harmful 07:33 Europe League: parcel plus Juventus by Fjorentine and Napoli put Porto 07:25 In Pljevlje complain Šarić for money! 07:24 Authorization parcel plus to submit Darko Saric gave his mother! 07:23 EXCLUSIVE plaintiff Ukraine: My beauty is not important here to die, 06:58 Good news: cheaper parking in Belgrade 06:53 Maja Nikolic Ana Nikolic dresses like my grandmother when she was innocent ... 06:52 Government Mandic : I'm with Ana Nikolic! 06:49 EARTHQUAKE: The daughter is sick, because she forgive me for so wounded ... 06:48 UNIVERSAL BANK: Under the microscope loans Djuric and Perčević 06:46 Favorite: Daniela Kajmakoskog fans almost crucified 06:43 Show all news Comments
10:56 Crazy world facebook: 6573 Comments: 24
Video on couriers Other videos shocking figures: Everything you know about the penis is not true debauchery on the Ibar Highway: Here svinguje whole region! FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: Two hours of quality bikini SEXY twins: These two are a feast for the eyes Dirty Dirty: parcel plus student parcel plus filmed a porn movie in the library of the Faculty
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