Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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Just two weeks after he arrived in Manchester Siti, Baloteli he crashed his Audi R8 Lavish training camp not far from Sitia. The police immediately arrived at the scene and during the search they found the Italians five thousand pounds in the back pocket. Asked why it has so much money, Baloteli answered: delivery courier "Because I am rich."
Zoom in March 2011. The Balotelli deprived of wages for one week - 100,000 pounds, because the dart, he shot the young football players Sitia while they had training. Fortunately, delivery courier no one was hit. Then he commented that he would never get the top prize in the TV show "Bulsei" because delivery courier a lousy shot. Believe it or not, something good has resulted from these unfortunate events. This is a fan song: "Oooo Baloteli, he is a striker, good at darts, an allergy to grass ... but when he plays j.bena class. He drives around Mos Sajda with a wallet full steam ..."
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d01RzF61LX0 After the match with Stoke, Mario had a TV interview on the field. The reporter asked him whether it was his best game this season, he responded with the words: "My whole season has been crap. May I say that?"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSdpaaLf3Ek It's hard to sort out all the moments when we were controversial striker smiled sweetly svoim strokes. Certainly one of the moments that we can not forget is - when on the ground tripped delivery courier teammate Edin Dzeko.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yiqoeh5D2o In October last year, Mario and his 17-year-old brother were arrested because they broke into the women's prison in Brescia. When asked what he was doing there, delivery courier he replied that he was curious what it looks like inside.
Zoom Just 36 hours before the start of the big derby mančesterskog, Mario was with some friends firing fireworks from his bathroom, of course, in violation of the law, on this occasion made a fire in their home. He was not particularly delivery courier shocked, because the derby was a gunner delivery courier in a double victory of his team against Manchester United (6:1).
It should be noted that the calculation of physical training with Mancini is not the only one in which the protagonist was a mischievous attacker. Baloteli one occasion delivery courier had a conflict with bekom Sitia Mike Richards. Apparently, the popular delivery courier Balo was not happy running his teammates. On that occasion he said: "I do not run fast enough and vehemently"
ZEKA THE EIR: Beer with the name Milos Jojić
(VIDEO) STRICTLY KEPT SECRET Djilas: Democrats threw speakers zbo ... 15:28 LAZIĆ: Pleiades teenagers represents a bright future in golf Srbij ... 15:23 ZEKA THE EIR: Beer with the name Milos Ms 15:22 KO's spoiling flat : Starlet showed delivery courier a new boyfriend! 15:12 Right sector threatens the minister of police for the murder of Music! 15:10 AND THIS HAS TO BELGRADE: Pig introduced on the bus line 15! 15:03 ŽERARD DEPARDJE: I am proud to Russia! 15:02 PEPE: Us ... when you see me, MESI: Always give you naked, and you're always on the similarity ... 14:55 SARAJEVO: High school teachers of pregnant attacked and demolished staff room! 15:06 Nikolic expects a new government until May 14:39 STAY AT HOME: Gerrard will not lead to marvelous wife Mundijal as b .. 14:39 A teenager delivery courier tried to kill himself because he failed to capture the perfect self! 14:34 Nikolic delivery courier and Dacic in Pancevo: We started work on the construction of railways, 14:34 SERBIA TO LEARN ABOUT IT IN CENTRAL: How are with the help of British physics louse ... 14:19 ONLY FOR ADULTS: Dirty Dancing Juseina Bolt with a girl in cafe (VIDE. .. 14:18 chaos POŽEGA: Robber robbery delivery courier exchange office paid head! 14:13 lajkovac: Worker Kolubara found dead in an apartment! 13:58 Radonjic: We're ready for Budivelnyk, the fans will give us an extra imp .. . 13:49 Show all news Comments
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