Saturday, March 15, 2014

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Another pallet delivery trip Iceland
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Iceland is the fulfillment fantasies of nature lovers. District yearnings of fleeing density cities wrinkled. This place was almost empty of people: five times the State of Israel, but has only slightly more than a quarter million people. This is not a classic resort, and missing the sweet coating of Tyrol or Switzerland. On the contrary, vast waves of basalt, active volcanoes and capricious weather pallet delivery make it a destination frowning and serious. Tour around Iceland, like Patrol on another planet. Endless black lava fields, towering mesas are immense. In this Black Sea, over countertops and travertine tuff shining brightly giant glaciers. Pack ice of Iceland perceive space more than half the size of Israel's territory. These are huge blocks of white, Ayemtnim sometimes adorned with patches of black and diligent Morena speedboats blue stripes pallet delivery are spectacular. At the foot of the glaciers stretch of silver strips flowing rivers, spreading glacial valleys that once contained much higher. Around and around, along the right, or just a short walk away, there are thunderous waterfalls, clouds of steam and boiling water hoses, all colored volcanic hills, rich spectrum of colors. Opposite, above the sea, soaring rock faces and arms with huge colonies of sea birds: gulls, petrels, cormorants, and Aitmim. Overhead, huge flocks of hovering seagulls. Heart of the island, over the mountains, glaciers and abundance greenery is another Iceland - desert, cold and desolate, and dotted with hot springs.
Iceland has blue fjords, lakes, carpets of flowers, whales, dolphins and huge flocks of seagulls, but it seems all the while are just a bonus, an extra spring secondary main thing. Geology pallet delivery is the name of the game. More precisely Huolknizm. Not to select it as the background Jules Verne book "Journey to the Center of the Earth". The combination of bubbles and clouds of smoke and steam stimulate the imagination of every person, and certainly the super-rich inspiration. Regarding volcanic activity in Iceland is the most tumultuous site on the planet. This small island (relatively), edging out the ridge center - an ocean, is undoubtedly the world's largest lava. Beneath glaciers teeming with volcanic activity, sometimes erupting volcanoes and lava crawling and melting the frozen mass above it. Not for nothing that the island got its name so familiar: "Land of Ice and Fire". Yellow sulfur rocks and mirrors reminiscent of the cratered surface of the moon. Americans chose not the case at the beginning pallet delivery of the 60s, the Iceland as a training site preparation for landing astronauts on the moon.
Iceland is necks volcanic, which crystallized pallet delivery basalt antennae beautiful braids frozen lava caves, wide in the lava, including icicles, giant shopping mall, lakes in bubbles burst geysers, white steam rising from the ground, springs geothermal colored blue, bubbling mud, and other phenomena cause the traveler a sense that God probably gone mad ...
It is a land empty. Starring in his own nature, no traffic pallet delivery jams, long lines, and even without the huge signs indicating the relevance Reserve Authority or another. Iceland is a great time to go out into nature, full lungs inhale all the beauty listen to the birdsong and the basalt's silence. Opportunity to listen to the inner voice whose soul goes out to all of those. Nature reserves and meet often to the residents, taciturn shepherds or Jeep drivers huge descendants Vikings and Celts, who fought in nature and could have had.
This is a trip of nature net without an historical, archaeological or cultural. There are no huge temples or cathedrals are impressive. There are no Michelangelo, Matisse or Picasso. Display at the National Museum was barely fills two rooms at the Israel Museum, and part of it is more ethnographic than archaeological. Human history of a thousand years, not built monuments, but the growth in the sagas, ancient myths, HaHagadot pallet delivery written in the 13th century, without which it would be difficult to recognize the German heritage. Sagas are evident everywhere. Icelanders know where to vote Gunnar hero fell from his horse, and explain that the valley pallet delivery of the Iceberg is a horseshoe shape because it is a footprint of a horse, the horse of the courier. Some compare pallet delivery the location of the Icelandic sagas culture The Bible's place in Israeli culture, you can go and enjoy without knowing them, but gives detect pallet delivery their orientation trip to another dimension.
History Icelandic Viking origins pallet delivery - an ancient Norwegian, with a considerable mixture of Celtic element Ireland and the UK. From


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