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Video on couriers Other videos shaking LA: An earthquake dpd parcel tracking measuring 5.1 hit the

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It's not that we do not accept the right of the inhabitants of the island to confirm that the British, however, it does not change the fact that they have no authority or right to make a decision about the fate of the sovereign territory of Argentina, said Ambassador rgentine London zoom
BENOS Aires - Argentina rejected the results of the referendum held on Foklandima and announced that the inhabitants of these islands did not have the right to decide the fate of "sovereign Argentine territory", while at the same time, residents of the Falkland Islands, 2,563 of them, celebrating the "final dpd parcel tracking victory" and stay in the United Kingdom.
It is, however, pointed out that it does not change the fact that they have no authority or right to make a decision about the fate of Argentina's sovereign dpd parcel tracking territory, or to solve territorial dispute two states around these islands.
Her comment was scheduled after British Prime Minister David Cameron urged Argentina to respect the result dpd parcel tracking of the referendum, in which 99.8 percent of the population dpd parcel tracking of the Falkland or Maldivskih Islands said they want to be part of Great Britain.
They want to remain British in the UK and it should respect everyone, including Argentina, said Cameron. He said Argentina that Britain will always defend the Falkland Islands.
Castro, however, pointed out that the referendum "irrelevant" and that Buenos Aires continues to insist that the two countries solve the territorial dispute through bilateral negotiations, without dpd parcel tracking the Islanders, who are treated as basically Argentina for occupiers.
Lavrov: West proposal is completely unacceptable!
The British real kosmopolite, kidnapping where they get a little kidnap-Northern Ireland from Ireland, Little Gibraltar from Spain, little Foklande dpd parcel tracking of Argentine.U break when resting, so tired of kidnapping, gather up the strength to help the Americans dpd parcel tracking and the seizure of Kosovo Albanians in Serbia. dpd parcel tracking 10 Replies
Englishmen to settle the Foklandima, declared part of the UK and seek to respect their decision to remain in the UK settling the Kosovo Albanians, declare an independent state and seek to respect dpd parcel tracking their "Declarations dpd parcel tracking of Independence". 7 Replies
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