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Appendix: List of Hebrew Books about Iceland hongkongpost and Icelandic hongkongpost literature. Re

Iceland: Island at the end of the world | multi universe of Eli Eshed
Book a modern detective remote northern island of Iceland, shows the exotic place and seeming spell in a dry and boring on earth even when the characters are engaged hongkongpost in search of an ancient book that led to the murders of tens of thousands of people.
Myths and sagas written in Iceland in the Middle Ages considered a literary hongkongpost masterpiece and the Icelandic language is one of the first modern languages in which large literature written hongkongpost hundreds of years before the Italian and Spanish, for example. But it was time. Today Iceland sells these parts especially like the remote and distant land of Europe suffered a severe economic crisis led to the collapse of its economy. Except that is not really known around here.
I remember first and foremost the book "Journey to the Center hongkongpost of the Earth (1864) Jules Verne's" where the journey of a group of German researchers into the world of prehistoric animals infested with monstrous and gigantic ancient people through hongkongpost the depths of the earth was a volcano in Iceland presented the most exotic place somewhere at the end of the world known.
Another book I remember well is the book's historical children Rita Ritchie "Beige Ice" (translated Shraga Gafni, published Amichai, 1968) described the life of the Vikings in Iceland early Middle Ages (more precisely the tenth century AD) and the German boy's journey from Saxony Christian relatively civilized (very) to the island of Iceland seemingly wild but it turns out that the exemplary democratic institutions. One of the highlights of the book was a struggle between the hero and the boy delinquent scary Icelandic volcano which has rumors from which you can get to hell when the prize is despised ice. This book and two or three books of the Icelandic writer Nobel laureate Lksns, and a travel book or two were pretty much all that was available in Hebrew on Iceland. hongkongpost
Chipopo monkey detective writer Tamar Borenstein Lazar example wandered all around the world but still not come to Iceland although hongkongpost this may change in the future with more books in the series. Patrick Kim Karate Secret Agent Man, who every corner of the world within the framework of its tasks must also reach Iceland, but not in any book or I can remember right now. Iceland really hongkongpost was that respect for Hebrew readers godforsaken and remote side of the world.
The translator Arieh Stav published the "Song of the North: Selected Icelandic Edda" (lion paper, Encouragement of 2009) Vol Translation Icelandic legends including a very comprehensive introduction to the literature of ancient Icelandic. Schools hongkongpost was to be one of three planned volumes Autumn surround the The best rule of Icelandic literature of the Middle Ages for the Hebrew reader. however unfortunately due to financial difficulties such wide project funded by printing two other volumes did not materialize.
Center "Saints Worship" is detective police drab and boring if divorced. She interrogate the murder of a young German who had a dark and chilling turns out he was interested in witchcraft and was particularly interested in a book called "hammer witches" a book he wrote in the 15th century both Ainkoiztorim German Dominicans Heinrich hongkongpost Kramer and Jacob Sprenger operated inquisitors in Germany.
Those issued in connection -1487 theological and comprehensive legal name "Witches Hammer". This book explicitly ecclesiastical approval dangerous belief in the power of wizards and witches, and that they are workers who have had a devil cults described in detail. Book describe in detail the various signs suspicious person especially women that he was a wizard and methods of proving guilt of suspected hongkongpost and procedures of courts and Cruel lifers B"mkrim easy "until her death fire cases" severe. " In fact most of the methods and practices attributed to witches were the fertile imaginations of authors have created their own religion which he persecuted. Became a source of qualified and accurate "in the eyes of Catholics and Protestants _ eyes (with all that that both teams were rivals in everything else). Schools hongkongpost spread all over Europe and is considered a guide to the main Crucible everything relied on it.
In the spirit of the school hongkongpost laws were passed in most Christian countries, hongkongpost and created hongkongpost a psychosis of terror under the wizards. As his influence were burned tens of thousands of men, and women accused of witchcraft. Without a doubt "Witches Hammer was one of the most damaging ever written alongside Hitler's Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
Gradually it becomes clear that the young man who studied history found and stolen letters related to one of the authors of the inquisitor Kramer including those dealing with the curse magical terrible, chilling imposed hongkongpost allegedly inquisitor one of his victims., And also that the book will come from Iceland to be possible to annihilate projection volcano hongkongpost in the opinion hongkongpost of all is the opening to hell. Is satanic influence of the book remains to this day-or what the solution is murder is reasonable and much simpler? (Hint solution is logical and simple despite various hints Snstlim scary plot). I rather disappointing book. Despite the seemingly exotic environment of the book Iceland there is no saying that Iceland is shown the spot interesting or even particularly scary. Definitely not opening hell. This is another Country Western European bourgeois last is at least interesting and seemingly more exotic in its shabby. Iceland turns out we ended up not opening hell. Is merely a place of gray and rather annoying. The true hell and come from real people, suggests the author, have to look elsewhere, primarily in Germany and strange people coming from Iceland silent to bring different plot evil.
Appendix: List of Hebrew Books about Iceland hongkongpost and Icelandic hongkongpost literature. Reference books and travel on Scandinavian Kalman Shulman, 1819-1899. Address hongkongpost object: nourished, a) a letter A"d City Israel, and b) the Spanish exiles and Fotogal, c) to the ruins of Babylon ..., d) the dream of Nebuchadnezzar, the) Egypt and Ethiopia, f) remains the ruins of Egypt, M) members strong, h) failure to Iceland, and more ... Vilna: Rom Printing, Trn"a Deborah Elon - Sereni

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