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But this letter is not about patriotism, heroism and the importance elta tracking of BS. This is th

"What's you muzičuari? Where are you instrumuenti? "Leisurely us squeal elta tracking representative of" Kosovo "- grizzled uncle dressed in a strange uniform, which is šljaštilo least five silver embroidered inscription" border polis. " Behind him was the panel "kastms" highlighted so that the deceased colleague and Ray Charles inflammation elta tracking in the eye, let alone members TEHA whole family and Belgrade unions. Thus, the "status-neutral" nature of the administrative Merdare is more than obvious. Do not talk about the account to which the payment went seventy elta tracking euros from compulsory "insurance" (for up to seven days of movement in the territory of the southern Serbian province). elta tracking
The team met us right after the turn. We followed them in addition to the infinite elta tracking series: saloon elta tracking cars, parts shop, the famous "auto Larje" and (this season's hit business) otovorenih pool. We traveled elta tracking through Pristina to Gracanica. When I was two years ago premiered passed through Pristina, I was not overly drivin her Judd. This time our hosts prepared a sort of tour: from the newly built suburbs, elta tracking through the old town center (with all the strident song with loudspeakers elta tracking Imperial Mosque), a close encounter with the famous National Library building (which was on the 19th place on the list of the world's ugliest buildings, optional British elta tracking Telegraph ), Najhaotičnijih roundabouts that I have experienced (with all the crossing over two lanes opposite elta tracking side of the highway, with no signs), until the most recent blocks across town.
I'm sure a bunch of self-proclaimed "drugosrbijanaca" changed my mind (and on his own people and of Kosovo and Metohija Albanians), after just one ride these streets. Even they realized how much we are civilized, while The latter certainly does not deserve a state. Yet their "Kosovo authorities" issued permits ... for the kind of driving and the kind of (new) building. The only thing they should be credited for the efficient production of hundreds of kilometers of highway. That's why my thoughts keep flying towards đoranju: Vella + Mrka for whoever has the equivalent expert position. It seems to me that their less kraducka. Or just get more? Anyway, somehow we got the welcome lunch at Lapje village. And that's pretty much as failure, despite "" road "" elta tracking (two sets of quotes are not a mistake!) Leading to the Serbian enclaves. Still a "status-neutral" fact of life.
But since then, our visit started conventionally been wonderful throughout. We were among his people, the undisputed discrete heroes. elta tracking All antimuzička and antiživotna scheming and gossiping have been left behind, squashed idle malicious butts of their authors. elta tracking
Thousands of people arrived from other enclaves, but also from other parts of the country, even Montenegro, filled the club to the last cubic meters. The atmosphere is worse - the first song THCF, the clock to the last encore, "I have everything in life." We have fulfilled Found: heart we gave the last concert appearance elta tracking before a longer break to people who meant the most. The only thing we can only regret that, due to limited capacity, a few hundred of them left at the door. All the more reason to be sure to get back to rap, as record something new.
Sunday we took advantage of that (after a drive end auto Larja and pools dotted with monuments to the fallen "heroes" of the KLA) visit: St. George church, restored seminary in Prizren and the nearby Holy Archangels elta tracking Monastery, the endowment of Emperor Dusan. The moment that we, immediately after passing elta tracking through elta tracking the gate decorated with Dušan's lions in and around the set of tents, they found the kids to pikaju football and table tennis with the songs of the third album BS represents the ultimate recognition and requires even greater responsibility. elta tracking
But this letter is not about patriotism, heroism and the importance elta tracking of BS. This is the glory of patriotism and heroism of the people who's, like not wanted, proving every day - the struggle for a normal life and identity of the occupied and hostile environment. People elta tracking like Milica eight years, the only Serbian schoolboy among more than two hundred thousand inhabitants of Prizren. Or twenty-five students of the Seminary, who live and study with a view of the charred results Shiptar "democracy" of the 2004th year. People in all the pain they are suffering and međusrpke nonsense, such as "Great Patriotic robbery" or accusations that the "betrayal" by removing some of the "Kosovo documents" (without which it would not be able to buy bread and milk, let alone anything more complicated to finish) . And the importance of direct extensive elta tracking contacts and sincere elta tracking support, that give meaning to our fight these people. But not only within the framework of some of the pre-election campaign.
That is why I remind you that the upcoming St. Vitus ideal opportunity to (re) visit and support. But, in addition to patriotism, the time required to bring the intelligence and responsibility. Mind not to fall for any provocation Thaci's mountain

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