Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Video on couriers other video (VIDEO) LIVE arrested Darko Saric: See how the drug boss was conducte

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PRISTINA - Basic Court in Pristina has accepted the request of the prosecutor and Thursday dpd france evening sentenced to 30 days detention deputies called. Kosovo Assembly and son of former Kosovo President dpd france Ibrahim Rugova, Rugova Uka.
Investigation against dpd france Rugova and other suspects launched one prosecutor from Kosovska Mitrovica on suspicion that they illegally issuing Schengen visas in the Italian embassy in Kosovo. Among the arrested is the one employed by the embassy.
"Total Rugova exchanges messages with Izet Bećirijem where he mentioned the names of people and places, as well as the numbers indicate the amounts of money or identification numbers of banks and Bećirijem talking about sending and taking deliveries," said the prosecutor, and transferred Koha.
BIA: Vucic only had all the information about the arrests Saric!
PENALTY: Narco-bare Saric is threatening 40 years in prison 0:46 SNS Wolfie will give the certain hand for negotiations on the Government 00:19 ĐILAS touched dpd france BOTTOM: I may not be able to run DS 0:14 Bekam See how you fare in the new episode of Only Fools and Horses! 3.18. Radonjica: Budivelnyk is better at home, but we still 18:03. HITLER THE SECOND TIME BETWEEN Nemcova: What would you say to wake up today 18:03. LARGE MURINJO rooting for the devil: Next Junajted! 3.18. MAY NIKOLIĆ SON: Terrazzo me to court if you got a shot in front of cameras slap ... 18:03. Whacker: Lithuanian lifted 523 kilograms dpd france and broken the world record of 03.18. IMPRESSIVE: Ronaldo crossed the figure of 50 Goal of the season 18:03. DO NOT WORRY MAMA: Children with Down sindomom encouraged a woman a baby ... 18:03. SRBLJANOVIĆKA insulted a journalist: Then comes the violent response that zap ... 18:03. Traditional guy: Estonia Kucher sought the blessing of Mila's father for verid ... 18:03. END: Jovanovski lost in the first round Majamija 18:03. The hardest SEX ON THE WORLD: There he found an orgy of thick women! 3.18. TAKING Dinamo Zagreb: Prosinecki, Sokoto, Biscan, Maric and Simic crash Mami ... 18:03. Vucic new Prime Minister, the Government of Serbia to get to Easter! 3.18. Kostunica resigns from the post of president of the DSS 18:03. View all news Comments
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Video on couriers other video (VIDEO) LIVE arrested Darko Saric: See how the drug boss was conducted in the Special Court! COMPLETED DESERTION: Bomber-killer leaked clothes he was wearing! dpd france EULEX switched Oliver Ivanovic in Kosovska Mitrovica! Shootings niche: The young man in the cemetery was wounded in the leg! The train driver of the jeep a second dpd france before the accident:? Kick, buddy, you're going safely!
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