Saturday, December 20, 2014

Applicants should have to pay approximately 5,000 of the state, but has requested a full legal. H

L, 20 Dec.
Prime Minister Andrus Ansip said the government at a press conference, the theme of the discussion in the media seems an Autorollo journalists manipulation, because the defendants have not seen a case brought against them continues.
The Prime Minister told journalists in response to a question, the Minister of the Environment Keit Pentus-Rosimannus never said that he does not have it Autorolloga no connection. "There are at least a father and daughter relationship exists," the said.
The Prime Minister considers that the applicants should keep off the dispute in court, not in the press. "At least a month and a half has already been available to the media on the action of some sort, but those who have to comply with the action, this is not information about what their opponents hold," he said.
Bankrupt Autorollo LLC and its trustee in bankruptcy proceedings Rain Rosimannuse Martin Krupp, Siim Roode, LLC Roode & parner, MAQS Law Firm Law Firm LLC, Keit Pentus-Rosimannuse and Väino Pentus against damages arrived at Harju County Court on 3 December.
Applicants should have to pay approximately 5,000 of the state, but has requested a full legal. Harju County Court had agreed to the payment of the state fee in five installments, but the applicants lodged an appeal against the decision of the district court is currently in Tallinn. Before you part of the state is not the clarity, the court will not entertain the application, and will not be sent information about the defendants.
Apartment 114,000
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