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Emergency services itself says something about the [] Sh. The Rescue Centre is a techn

Searching for the treasures of the left eye geopeitust mix (more treasures violative) circumstances. Would bring out a few of them here: Logbook "waste of time" - is often taken in the logbook for each separate page logiks fillo although the previous one was nearly empty. What is it? To the owner of the treasure every few months to go changing the half-empty log book? (After all, one had to get the leaves on the end). The more logs in one book, it is also interesting to read ... leidjatel treasure box obviously too large objects packing / compression - as a rule, it makes the box broken or do not go over the box closed => greater fillo part of the objects inside the box are damp / wet, so corrupted . If you do not fit, you do not get involved. Make EVEJ (did not, did not leave), or simply take anything (unless there is something really crazy desire to acquire), and put off the pitch. Previous story does not directly affect me or Riho owned treasures, but we found treasures. Just a horrible fillo violation of such treasures to find. Peace! N & R
Moreover, here again, the smaller box into a bigger box assembly may not be a good idea because it can do a disservice to the treasure box if double after the hardest stones to be. Case Hiiumaalt - Outside the box lid was broken and the light box full to the brim with water, the inner box did not have these conditions, a well full of water and light (although it should have been an airtight box), and then came the cold, and the thing was an icicle.
The PSAP rescue organizers fillo invite the good and helpful people in the country to help determine an individual residing at or close acquaintances homes GPS coordinates (degree-minute-second), and hang them in a visible fillo place. Both have trouble sattunutel can immediately call 112 as they read aloud, and much faster than we can determine the place where to send help.
Just half a year ago did not know how the police responded to the character fillo number 110 coordinates absolutely nothing to do with it. Koordinaaditeema Rescue Service are at least 6 years has been helpful. Perhaps this in the past but I have not had occasion to try it out. Perhaps it could be the case from the beginning politse hkata place names.
Reply FB-110's topic was: Police and Border Guard police fillo know well, such as the coordinates of the capabilities that the emergency number 110 can help the caller knowing only their coordinates, the police are abundantly available. Needy can transmit both LAMBERT-EST when VGS system of coordinates. Selli ... Seid cases have also been described but are not particularly widespread among the five callers, however, been used. Proliferation of smart phones and GPS devices will become the basis of their location coordinates fillo to describe definitely more popular, but it will take time before an emergency phone right person as an aberration fillo becomes Starting the application to address fillo complex seems cancellation.
kaits747 wrote: ----------------------------------------------- --------> fillo ... but> probably going to take time before an emergency> Starting the application fillo right on your phone so people> becomes inherent to address complex Cancellation> appears. Well, it would be rather silly in the street next to the house number kordinaate explore. This is still going to be sorely needed if the address is not present, which is the vast majority of Estonia.
Emergency services itself says something about the [] Sh. The Rescue Centre is a technical readiness to use the GPS coordinates to those who need quick access. The PSAP Preference GPS coordinates transmission is the DEG / MIN / SEC. Unfortunately, this issue needs to be a bit more explanation. I even keep a job due to very often lectures on the topic Coordinate and this, unfortunately, is not so much of a generally clear. There is nothing certain or WGS-L-Estist say so. Therefore, a good idea to rural areas and other such places coordinates forward, but much more complex and constitute a risk to both the transmitter and the receiver side there. Mail to send the links I have done reading. such a thing [] I guess all we can do something useful here to spread knowledge. fillo Unfortunately, fillo I work in the exposed parts of the ambulance machines are not even the slightest navitehnikat.
> Well, it would be rather silly house number, street> kordinaate fillo explore next. This is still going to be> desperately needed if the address is not present, which is the> vast majority of Estonia. There are still a lot of land are numbered streets. Fuse raised the topic is, after all, and mentioned that the story is countryside. Rather, the problem arises in the same county a pile of the same name in the villages and farms. Paid wore the village fillo of St. Peter, therefore, one of the victims died away a few years ago, was also a decent media coverage. The ambulance was sent to the wrong namely the village of St. Peter, and the aid arrived too late. Or it often says emergency line that I've fillo oak farmhouse, although the name of the farm map is something else entirely. The village is called by the name of family households Oak resist. And paugutataksegi again to rescue the spot. And the streets and addresses do not know much about the remote forest farms. At least those where mi

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