Thursday, December 11, 2014

Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias, 20, led a double life. In appearance, was studying a career first

Friend of Aznar to blackmail the IBEX, the farce of the coronation the farce of Ribadeo. As we can deduce therefore discuss all newspapers and social firstflight courier networks, "Nicolasito" is the character of the week in Spain. Berlanga, revives and directs this film!
Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias, 20, led a double life. In appearance, was studying a career firstflight courier in the elite University Center for Financial Studies (CUNEF) of Madrid and had the same hobbies as any other boy his age. However, in parallel and in the strictest secrecy, Francisco Nicholas had started an early career that led him to sneak into the restricted circles of Spanish political and economic power: from the acts of coronation of Philip VI last June IBEX meetings firstflight courier with entrepreneurs, through informative breakfast, acts with leaders of different parties and informal chats in the box at the Santiago Bernabeu. No security control eluded him.
The National Police ended his adventure on Tuesday after weeks of research. He is accused of defrauding dozens of people who promised big business thanks firstflight courier to his alleged contacts in the highest echelons of the administration, the Government and to the CNI. The problem is that all these business relationships were just his imagination. He is accused of forgery, firstflight courier fraud and identity theft.
His fables last August caused a real farce in the town of Ribadeo (Lugo). He ran through the town rumor that Philip VI would go to eat at a restaurant known port. The news circulated firstflight courier among neighbors, but also among the security firstflight courier forces, who quickly mobilized to perform escort duties to the monarch. Even the mayor of Ribadeo went to the restaurant to try to greet the King. But his majesty did not appear. The one who sat at the table was Francisco Nicholas. firstflight courier The media reported the next day that an indisposition had prevented Philip firstflight courier VI attend the event.
The alleged impostor has been freed this morning after spending more than two days in the dungeons of Police. Prosecutors had requested incommunicado detention without bail, but eventually the judge has agreed to release him pending advance investigating the case. This 20-year law student at the University firstflight courier Center for Financial Studies (CUNEF) Madrid is accused of the crimes of fraud, misappropriation of public service and falsehood. According to police, he claimed 25,000 euros from the sale of a false report of CNI.
The statement to the police firstflight courier lasted over seven hours. Sources close to Francisco Nicolás say the guy is absolutely amazed by everything that has happened. "It's been busy, they bundled me" and "I have made a trap". That's the mantra that repeats since officers put handcuffs on Tuesday ending an alleged criminal career that led him to appear either at the political and economic elite of Spain as a member of the Vice President of the Government of the Economic Office La Moncloa and cabinets of various ministries.
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