Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Can not be green, should not presume intelligence and pretend to be invisible with two beers, two

Parce: He came drunk drunk - GAP
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With the face with José Parcero is very safe talking from experience that gives life. And if a saint, because what a waste of face, however, is right to say that politicians "can not be airing drunkenness and revelry, because good image is generated."
Can not be green, should not presume intelligence and pretend to be invisible with two beers, two 'wiskis "two" pasones "white two tequilas. Anyone with pretensions to be a professional liar, forgiveness, politics, neither before nor ever shall pass by the risks of doing or saying they do not want you to know.
And yes, you're right "Parce" where the crickets have to practice morality, which seems absurd and impossible because they would not be political. Far better that political intelligence practiced silence; of knowing that their likes have to be buried night freight deeper night freight than six feet under.
Who care if we become aware of his homosexuality, alcoholism, voyeurism, misogyny. If you are afraid of spiders, lizards or sweat loyal fans? Only to them yet, go way left open to their highest and private vices Don Manuel door.
We all have vices, but hey you should know about rules. The Venezuelan diplomat Manuel Antonio Carreño wrote in 1853, the Manual of Good Manners and Customs, a set of rules that today are not minimally addressed.
a) "Learn to behave with people and make friends. Hence depend not only happiness but success in life and people will be glad to help, when not otherwise help or under compulsion. A person is welcomed everywhere ".
b) "To win friends have to be nice. Nobody will run after you; You yourself must strive to attract people: To get something you have to learn to give. We must also learn to adapt to others; need to be a good loser and a modest winner ".
Don Manuel said so in the mid-19th century and we add that anyone who engages in the business of politics night freight would be more successful if it were left basically help. Not promotion but today there are consultants of all prices.
And if you do not know, then ask. The policy continues to have the same rules as for centuries and is relevant to follow before the end embroncado as Ferriz, Villarreal or Mr. René Bejarano leagues.
And moral: No love is secret if more than two already know ... secret is that you do and do not wash your hands. In addition to Tender Delgado (mostly tender was) explained what is a golden rule: "We all have our house, which is the private home; and the city, which is a public home ".
And this weekend at the State Political Council of the PRI, Egidio Torre Cantú in his capacity as political head of the same delineated which is higher night freight than the 2015 premise: "The coming year we will have elections and will win all, and to do we also do everything and everyone belongs to us, is the way, hopefully, that society expects, he hopes militancy, and that we expect from each other to do what touches night freight them. "
While the leader of the CDE of the PRI Rafael González Benavides pondered these times that are high activism: "These are the times of Enrique Peña Nieto and Egidio Torre Cantú, in close coordination change our lives with more social programs, more public and a new security strategy "education. - And the municipality of Altamira with Armando Lopez led the settlers night freight of the colony Adolfo Lopez Mateos a day care that allowed the rehabilitation of street lighting, street motoconformación and filling, cleaning of drains and recreational areas as well as health services, products the despe

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