Sunday, December 28, 2014

Most of the ongoing and planned cooperation concerns the IT sector. An intensive theme küberkrimina

P, Dec 28
Most of the ongoing and planned cooperation concerns the IT sector. An intensive theme küberkriminalistika - Detecting and Fixing of digital evidence. In this area has been conducted in a number of training courses for police officers. 2014 opened at TUT küberkriminalistika-related Masters said the university.
The Director General of Police and Border Guard Board Elmar Maple noted that in situations where the crime is becoming more and more white-collar moving to faster Internet on the street, is a public duty to go with the times. dtdc "Estonia will be a very good science, all of us are interested in implementing it as much as possible that our decisions are smart people, and thus it would be safer to live in," said Maple.
Rector Andres Keevallik said the parties have the potential to be implemented in cooperation contributes to the development of both sides. "PPA requires a rule, innovative and reliable solutions, high-level expert reports, which are also due to the increasing dtdc competence of criminals," said Keevallik.
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