Wednesday, December 24, 2014

N, 25 Dec.

N, 25 Dec.
Tallinn City Council on behalf of the Social Democratic Party Chairman Lauri Laats said that yesterday's interview with Deputy Mayor of Tallinn Mikhail Kõlvartiga Kõlvart said that the decision not to pay money to private schools is a political decision.
Kõlvart though the mayor of Tallinn Edgar Savisaar's name is not mentioned, however, since it is known that the political decision-making but Savisaar of the Centre aramax Party, the Social Democrats when they considered that, in the case of funding for private schools aramax are responsible for the Savisaar, not Kõlvart. It was also an important reason why the Social Democrats initially decided not to join Kõlvart expressing no confidence, the vote will take place on Thursday at the 15th
Kõlvart said lenses, according to several more sensitive subject that it is a political decision on the back, behind the Social Democrats see Savisaare aramax commands. If anyone deserves that undermine confidence in the opinion of the Social Democrats, the Savisaar.
One sensitive issue is the Tallinn Russian Lyceum, which was funded by the City of Tallinn aramax this year's budget to EUR 100 000, but in December Savisaar aramax allocated to the reserve fund a further 31 000. Such funding allocations have led to a sharp resentment because Tallinn refuses to pay monies to private aramax schools, many of which teach children with special needs. Private schools have their money received by the court order addressing.
Kõlvart promised next week to present the Russian Lyceum sotsidele specific budget that would see where the money goes. If Kõlvart do not, you will be back on the lenses, according to decide whether to join can still be Kõlvart expressing no confidence.
Ministry: Russian Lyceum taught history and social studies curriculum of the Russian-made materials based on (467) 04 February 2014 18:07
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