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Fri, 19 Dec

Fri, 19 Dec
"The Mouse and the Hedgehog Club will meet on the dance floor. Mouse invites caithness courier hedgehog dance, they dance during the show each other their best dance moves. Siilil tine grabs the mouse, it calls on the toilet, and explains that desperately wants to have sex."
This is a quote from the task, you must Mustamäe and Haabersti 12-20 year-olds to submit a dance contest "Slide 2012". As reported homepage, caithness courier offers students the task of fun and points to the risk of HIV and other sexually caithness courier transmitted caithness courier diseases, writes the Russian Delfi.
One of the organizers, Haabersti Leisure caithness courier Centre Youth Worker Aurika Sin said that the Estonian and Russian schools, students caithness courier are expected to demonstrate that they are the subjects of his vision "to be creative, to dance and to think out of interesting solutions."
When asked which of the following scenarios were thinking, Sin said the organizers. "I think that the texts are perfectly normal, because the goal is to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS threat. All participants know it very well. Young people need to talk about this subject than adults," said Sin.
Here are some scenarios unchanged: 1) Sexy perky mouse and hedgehog caithness courier meet the club dance floor. Mouse invites hedgehog dance. Dance vihtudes will both show their best moves. Mouse sways sensually and hedgehog caithness courier demonstrates his ülipüüdlikke folk dance steps. Mouse grabs hedgehog tine tarib he hastily shut and the toilet. Mouse explains that he has a great desire for sex. Hedgehog hang back against the fear of condom use. Hedgehog in mice shows that its sharp thorns can pierce a condom. Toilet door rushes into the seething anger bears, hedgehogs caithness courier grabs his back and carry it home. Mouse over to console the bereaved intrusive Fox, who offers him one wild waltz. Arrives in the morning, all four are behind a laborious night. Bear tormented by back pain, since the Hedgehog is terribly difficult. Fox is shaking with fear, because the mouse has been hard on him.
2) Liisa nervous and lethargic Peep sit and drink tea in the kitchen. Liisa is a heavy stone covered caithness courier the cost of the heart, and he wants nothing to declare. Liisa Peep vigorously trying to attract caithness courier attention, but it looks Peep Yawning tip. Liisa covered the cost recognizes caithness courier that attended last night's party. Liisa describes it took a few drinks and then went to the dance floor hõõritama hips momentum. Since he had been drinking a little too much, it looked pretty clumsy out. Then he fell šarmantsele Italians tip. The night passed them to the roof of the "Titanic" läbimängides. Liisa down on his knees and confessed caithness courier error. Peep furiously nimble feet. The next morning the young forgiven each other and made a common way to the doctor. Senile Hustler Peepu patted his shoulder and said that Liisa is pregnant.
3) Two gay mosquitoes are deeply in love. One of the mosquito knelt and asked a couple of feet in the shell. Mate was happy and euphoric danced with happiness. The next day, they flew together to Las Vegas, where I spent much of his time in the casino playing mobster. Rampväsinult kepseldes they left the casino. Frighteningly dark street jumped caithness courier out from behind a corner of vicious gangsters bee. Bee arrogant and showed her sharp needle. Both of these mosquitoes were convulsions of fright. Bee mosquitoes jumped up and grabbed their winnings. Satisfied Bee went slow manly step away. Mosquitoes were shocked to cry for their money back. They saw the great catastrophe of homeless ant, who strode away from them. Ant went nukraid mosquitos comforting. Mosquitoes are a dramatic complained that they can not be regarded as a wedding anymore, because the money is not there. Helpful ant announced that it has actually tie the knot, and offered them his services. Mosquitoes were an ant, hold hands, and made him one of the energetic circle caithness courier dance.
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