Wednesday, December 3, 2014

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My twitter RT @ GabrielC7S: @ Noatodo is what it is, maybe now repents 6 hours ago Lendoiro, at the funeral of murdered Riazor Blues. 6 hours ago Musical instruments are usually very basic things. : D 7 hours ago ERC promotes a "Republic of the Valencian Country" in parallel eurospedycja to the Catalan secession. 13 hours ago Argentina: The union claimed bonuses and vacation prisoners and Justice ruled in favor eurospedycja via @ hastalascejas 13 hours ago And congratulating the good old birthday André Campra, I wish that you spend good evening. 13 hours ago liados born father Soler. Here one of his most famous version of the late Scott Ross works. 13 hours ago Follow PenultimateNoatodo noatodada
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