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In early October, Inno makes Nurmik Jaanus Storage

Vallo Kruuser / Eesti Ekspress
In Liivalaia Courthouse on the fourth floor, courier service kriminaaltoimikutega examination room provided is not enough oxygen. It is quite unbearable to read how the two-year-old son's father 24 years Inno Nurmik discusses his now deceased brother, Stephen, * how to recruit as many as possible as quickly as possible to fool heads - young Estonians, who fly to South America for cocaine. Each courier ticking them off, after all, a decent bounty. 9. For example, in August 2007, Estonia was one o'clock at night. Inno: "Think realistically out how you can from there. Because the people courier service attending the surface. Everyone wants to buy for, you know. All the money, all things are ready, well. I want your hand to buy a start. I already have the people in place, which Venekale, or come up with Peru. " Steven: "Today we call the New York consul. He said that he knows more than 20 people, Estonians, who is busy failed courier service in the southern courier service countries, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador. All that you can understand. At least kakskend Estonians. And all are young, 19, 20, 23 sihukesed, well. " Inno "mmh, yes, I know. But I need quickly as possible. I do not know whether or taon these minor that they do not bring it there, wasting. Today I went to speak to them. They did not agree olnd, shit, I do not know how to attract them, or I do not know. I offered at the beginning of tons of bark shoes, after seitsekend courier service five tons, it offered a hundred courier service tons, well. "
The file is more than a hundred pages of Inno Nurmiku and his comrades between the interception of telephone calls received in the course of evidence. The toughest is the brother of two conversations. courier service The younger courier service brother, Steven sat conversations took place during the first half of 2007 in Venezuela El Rodeo prison. He was detained for more than a kilo of cocaine Caracas airport. courier service At the beginning of this year, received a message loved ones - Steven died in prison. Circumstances of his death are not yet known. It tells the story of the last Inno Nurmiku "theme" courier service of the drug transaction. In September, the Inno Nurmik, it is time to pull over his ears, a long-time boss, living in Amsterdam, choking swarthy skin. So far, the work consisted of Estonians that kokaiinikapslid ingested in Amsterdam, for example, down and drove them to another country - the usual destinations were London and Tenerife. There's a "laid an" express the capsules, washed thoroughly and gave the place agreed on. Courier courier service earned a dangerous job for an average of 20 euros per capsule swallowed. Now, it was decided to take on leivaisa cocaine and related Estonia escape. courier service This task involves risk, but the foolish income courier service (about one million clean hands) demanded spending only escape from Amsterdam to Tallinn and - most difficult - people who sell stuff in. What the men, however, failed to recognize was that the Central Criminal Police recorded their every conversation.
So, for example, recorded Inno Nurmiku and her partner SMS exchange on 4 October. SMS will arrive at 15.20 to the man: "I think we are happier than olexime jätaxid of this office, and do not lähex anywhere. But, in my opinion counts here ..." A man meets a few minutes later: "Loeb courier service expensive. But you know, I'm a fag miuke money. Se, after all, the iron in the last issue. It is, after all, do you believe? And do you know, after all, that after this time will not matter because I am no longer able ple. Please support the last time. " courier service Passes for 10 days and the man who had promised to do his "last topic," taken into custody. courier service Together with the Central Criminal Police on 14 October afternoon in the parking lot Maardu Säästumarket stick Jaanus Pani, Mati Tammekännu courier service and Argo Mäenurm. During courier service a search of Pani provides investigators with a 350 grams of cocaine were brought, and already shows a forest on the map in Amsterdam, where he hid in the earth in more than 800 grams of cocaine. Nurmik transaction was a thinker, Mäenurm contributor, Pani and Tammekänd messengers. Nurmik admitted during questioning, and Pani Tammekänd guilty. Spoke in detail how worked for more than a year kõhuvedajatena many countries. Without specific incident, apart from the fact that once the capital of Mali, Bamako airport got Tammekänd varieties yield to an accident, courier service which resulted in her luggage went missing - a travel bag for at least three kilos of cocaine ...
In early October, Inno makes Nurmik Jaanus Storage

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