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The legendary politician and columnist George Toomepuu roam tolling was held today in the National

Wed, 31 Dec
The legendary politician and columnist George Toomepuu roam tolling was held today in the National Library of Estonian-Russian border treaty conference in a speech critical, highly critical of the ruling roam tolling elite and their policies.
Tartu Peace Treaty Conference is certainly a legitimate reason for us to criticize roam tolling the government of Estonia partokraatlikku, but I want to at least start with a positive. Pre-election to brainwash me though is not so much affected that I could be proud of his Majesty, our Prime Minister, but I agree with him, at least in one case. Andrus Ansip said recently that the iron is not entitled to the Rhine when he argues that our society dominated by moral bastards. I am glad that I can at this time to support Ansip. Our rulers are not a moral bastards, they are immoral bastards.
Ever the crowd grew Estonian diplomats totally different than those who are currently serving as the Estonian Russians parseldamisega. The birth of the Republic of Estonia, Estonian diplomacy was a great man Jaan Poska, and knew who dared us to match the Tartu Peace Treaty, the birth certificate of the Republic roam tolling of Estonia, the Republic of Estonia legal basis.
Now, unfortunately, we diplomacy suursardell who sees evil in trouble with the blood of our War of Independence won the Republic of Estonia haggle down. Jaan Poska was able to achieve the Tartu Peace Treaty, therefore, the Republic of Estonia, the cradle of the ancient heroes, we hasted to protect worthy descendants.
Preponderance of the enemy was huge, but we Vabadusõdalased fought and they won. Young defenders of the republic were convinced that the time had come full of hope and faith, roam tolling a time when they had their hopes executable, put up a good fight. The winner was, unfortunately, they are also a perception that many of them had the time of their homeland and to die for the nation's future, however, the victory of freedom and can be redeemed only a small nation extraordinary capability and courage.
My father was 16 years old when he went to the accompaniment of Vabadusõtta mother's blessing, the Republic of Estonia animal. He and his Band of Brothers gave on to our children and future generations will of the Estonian freedom bravely fought and they were a few years later it was again necessary to go into battle to protect our homeland Stalin's evil empire robber forces and orjastava against communism, looked at 70,000 Estonian best son, 70, 000 Estonian freedom fighters once again selflessly eye of death. They gave the best that anyone has ever given to any goal.
My dad raised me though the spirit roam tolling of the War of Independence, but at that time I was just a little boy - his father's footsteps, I could not walk. When I was a young man in a spin-off, however, I was able to fight communism in Korea and later in Vietnam battlefield. Therefore, I hope that there can get, if it becomes necessary, the country of his birth, his native land to protect contribute.
I have a number of Defence League chiefs confirmed that as immoral bastards Toompeal rahaahnuses is so far advanced that the whole country will be in our põlisele haggle down the enemy, they will fulfill their obligations. Subject to section 54 of the Constitution, roam tolling providing for their initiative to a-resistance.
Although I no longer have it for the best, most years, I hope, however, that this is the case, for me, even if they also have an Israeli arms deal procured rusted weapon; roam tolling I hope that in this case they are also willing to take me to their ranks.
The Estonians are merged into a powerful singing revolution in order to be able to survive the Communists came to power, no matter how adroit tuulelippudeks karjääriredelitel party they had been trained. Be sure not to put yourself in a strange power in the electoral law, the power elite can be promoted a post to enrich themselves at the expense of the people. Taxpayers do not need to maintain jokkijaid, residence permits sellers autorollijaid, election forgeries, ärmatajaid. We do not need to hire a caregiver Ärma Toomas 62, and his wife of two state office, the tourist farm servant.
I, and I believe roam tolling many others believe that the Estonian taxpayers 'money would be better used to starving children and pensioners' living standards improve, instead roam tolling of being regarded as the top jokk schemes financed Ärma tourist farm, instead of spending our money turismitalu morbidly tähelepanujänulisele owner of exorbitant dresses, jewelry and bizarre felt hats purchase.
The fact that 87 percent of the callers Posting a program where Mart Helme defended the Tartu Peace Treaty, Helme were willing to give me hope that we still have the power to make a new start for Estonia. We still have to take the Estonian strongman back to the red-blue-black-and-white tuulelippudelt, cronies and jokkijatelt.
When we leave here today, we are willing to take it in a battle for the future of our country. Remembering the War of Independence and the Tartu Peace Treaty with respect roam tolling to us fathers and grandfathers fought leave here making sure to continue the fight until we have restored roam tolling the government of the Republic of Estonia by the Tartu Peace Treaty of fixed borders, we will continue roam tolling to fight until we have restored the Republic of Estonia, where the Estonians do not need

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