Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ambulance emergency ...

Then again, time for the current spy photos from the automotive field. This time the victim to become a photographer Audi RS5, which caught the Nürburgring test track. The approximately 500-horsepower, take the liberty to say swear intended to present the Frankfurt Motor Show in September this year, but it will end up in trading in 2010. This is not the first time that the RS5 prototype has been immortalized, but this time Audi won more aggressive appearance of the front bumper and RS models, the characteristic oval tailpipes. On the road RS5 keeps Those large low profile tires dressed in 20-inch wheels, although the final model will be different. The fact that Audi Move forward, everything is still fogbound, ups polska but most likely it will either 4,2L V8 engine fitted to the platform ups polska currently B7 S4 / RS4 or 5,2L V10 Biturbo, which lies under the hood as well Laborghini Gallardo and D3 platform S8 models.
Ambulance emergency ...
Held by the spy? D
Aizstaavis 04/03/09 19:12
AUDI taa dziives is not just iedomaaties.Nepavelti Audi is labaakaa automashiina because Wynn is the first arii automashiina that uzvareeja rally sacensiibaas and got 1.vietu.Taakaa-miiliet themselves, women and AUDI
If there will be 5.2 biturbo then already ups polska under standard 580 Hp will not have either aspirated 5.2 reaches 530 horses. !!! 4.2 and it seems to me to be a little ups polska over the apparatus for šitā ... then put turbīniņa .. :) And the new S4 comes already with the 3.0 turbo engine Nevis 4.2 (Up to mid-2008) to make it lighter and more manageable. !!! :)
skinwalker lorries with more horsepower, weight of bis sarēķini, aerodynamics and such a trifle as the torque ups polska zb all taps stretch riding, krāniņi extends only along (horsepower), but also the thickness (the above-mentioned cases)

could give people a prototype to try it: D
PRINCESS 01/04/09 13:17
eco witling better learn to write properly. Nepiesējies wonder that I have on the S5 logo on the front grille. Okay, maybe not the place so I have not been there myself, I do not know how to look around. But the machine - either A5 or S5 it is not and this is not the first time that redams prototype with state registration numbers. He is as good as can be registered S5. For them it 500 horsepower only a rough figure, because it is not really known who will be the engine - either 420zs 4.2, or 5.2 ~ 580zs. S4 on the right - the new B8 S4 comes with a 3,0L, but both previous B7 S4 and RS4 came with 4,2L. Photoshop? Rather, the mushrooms were good, because ups polska there do not see anything sofa. The fact that the prototype is sapindzelēts strange ups polska colors ups polska are not uncommon.

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