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Former New York, Michael Bloomberg, who is also a businessman and politician -Shhrdar index, for Kh

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Among the religious leaders of Fortune Pope Francis has chosen. Since his election to the papacy, has adopted a new strategy: the pope refused to stay in a luxury residence, has washed the feet of a female Muslim prisoners (according to the tradition of the Catholic Church). Above all, do not judge people preferred the label does not guilty and blessed them and said openly: "Who am I that I put in place Qzavtknndh:"
13 years America has left the presidency of Bill Clinton, it was not all work and a lot of work in the fight against AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis and to prevent the release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has increased.
Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Prize -Brndh Slh- also on the list, he endured 20 years in home and released on bail and went to Great Britain with his family in his country during pro-democracy's leadership -Brmh- have.
The spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists -Dalayy Lama- Khstgynapzyrsh for trying to bring peace, democracy and non-violence and peace among the religions in the list is located. He Tvyytz has 8.6 million followers.
Tenth in the list, the name is familiar to lovers of technology, what emerges: the boss Jeff Bezos Amazon. Two decades ago, he saw adobe things that others have not been able to find them, thus Yndhbyny and his management, the company grew up in the Amazon, which is worth an estimated $ 174 billion now.
Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF in line 13 stands. Really difficult economic crisis, led to a forum with 188 members, and the economy was in charge of the disaster, Greece, parcel 104 Ireland, Portugal and other countries are organized.
Former New York, Michael Bloomberg, who is also a businessman and politician -Shhrdar index, for Khyrkhvahanhash activities in the field of arms control, the fight against tobacco use and obesity are on the list.
"Our Jack" is the Chairman of Ali Baba. In 1999 he founded the Ali Baba and employees are encouraged to Bzrgandyshy and practical dreams. Ali Baba is now one of the largest parcel 104 online trading systems in the world and every day about 100 million and income from the purchase of Amazon and eBay is even more of total revenue.
Because of the placement of "Maria Calw" parcel 104 in the list, efforts parcel 104 to empower women in science, technology and engineering. He is 62 years old and is president of Harvey Mudd College. When the new president was in 2005, only 10 percent of women with high school degrees arrived, but now 40% of women to achieve their qualifications.
"Katie Geest" 55 years old, he is chairman of MS Research Foundation. In 1996 he was diagnosed with MS, from the time he decided that doctors and scientists who were working at the time apart, that they can integrate and work together to share information untreated.
Angelina Jolie is known for the directory. Not for films, parcel 104 but for the purpose Bshrdvstanhash. He had fifty traveling to countries parcel 104 such as Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan's Ambassador to the United Nations humanitarian efforts, and as we've already read, so have dared to publicly reveal that the prevention of cancer, both P..stansh the surgery has taken them and do all women have realized the importance of this disease. parcel 104
The news is likely to be assassinated and shot in the head Gabriel Jyfvrds three years ago, were read. It took three years ago and now he is trying to recover after the outbreak of violence resulting from the use of firearms fight.
In line 26, "Fred Smith" FedEx- company -Ryys 69 years standing. Within 40 years, he has bigger the company, it is possible to intercept Mrsvlhha online and 300 thousand jobs created.
Mary Robinson, the first President of Ireland. In addition, he is a great Kmsysvn UN Human Rights Mary Robinson, and now he runs a foundation that works in the field of environmental protection.
Jose Antonio parcel 104 Abreu, in 1975, in a garage with 11 Mvsyqynvaz longer worked, but now he teaches music Venezuelans to 400 thousand children. parcel 104 His work is in addition to the value of music education through educational institutions to Hnrjvhaysh, discipline, enthusiasm for learning, collaboration and the institutional culture.
The Fadhil Hasan Abed, the world's largest non-profit humanitarian organization that manages 100 thousand employees and to provide services to millions of people in 10 countries in Asia and Africa. In 2010 he was awarded the Knight or loose.
But the next one is quite familiar: he is Apl- company -Ryys Tim Cook, Apple's presidency in two and a half years I have been thinking different or think different approach has continued to offer new products to the success of Apple has continued.
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