Sunday, March 1, 2015

Oh dear just 5 months left until I

Oh dear just 5 months left until I'm 20! Had I lived in Sweden, I had been more excited syncreon parcel delivery but here nobody cares when you turn 20 ... This morning, Louise jumped into the car and left me, it was hard to say goodbye. We really become great friends them here last week. I will miss her incredibly much! We sat up late in the wee hours and checked Tusenbröder we could see clearly syncreon parcel delivery all season 2 and I added over the season 3 on her computer so she does not miss reached. Today I went to Pakmail to mail my Swedish phone so that Mom and Dad can send it back to cdon. It would cost me $ 87 which is a lot! So I said I would send it another day but instead I went to UPS and checked how much it would cost there and yes 12:50 dollars. Guess which place I decided to send it to? I will definitely not go back to Pakmail reached more that's for sure. I know now why my radgrejs did not work before. Apparently it causes trouble when blogs on Google Chrome. So now I will start using the standard browser when I blog, but Google Chrome when I do other things because everything goes faster with GC. Tonight I meet Micaela and have a coffee, it was quite a while ago. But better late than never as they say! Yesterday was Avery a princess Hugs and kisses Amandie

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