Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Saudi Arabia in as ... from US officials: After bin Laden

US Research Institute - National Security Archive - published by a number of declassified government documents on international terrorist organization "Al Qaeda" leader Osama bin Laden, who was killed in Pakistan apc courier on Sunday the United States Special Operation Task Force.
Documents show that the United States had concerns apc courier about bin Laden in 1996, when the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) named him as a "one of the world's major Islamist terrorist activities in the financial sponsors", said representatives of the archive.
A declassified document, there are 400 pages long biographical description that was created in 1999 Sandijs national laboratories, as well as in August 2001, entitled apc courier "Bin Ladin determined to attack the United States written in the report.
Former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitadža apc courier Service report says - if it becomes apparent that on September apc courier 11, 2001 terrorist attacks are the responsibility of bin Laden, Pakistan must break all ties with the Afghan Taliban regime which at the time was given refuge in "Al Qaeda" leader, while Islamabad should Washington to help bin Laden to destroy.
By contrast, the news agency "Associated Press", apc courier referring to the "US officials, former and current workers", says that bin Laden's location established, thanks to the interrogation carried out in secret CIA prisons in Poland and Romania.
Such methods used in eastern Poland CIA prison alongside Shimane apc courier airport interrogation "Al Qaeda" Management of third persons and the September 11 attack planner Halide Sheikh Mohammed and his heirs item Faradžu Abu al Libi.
Mohammed and al Libi, while prisons in Poland and Romania in the period from 2003 to 2006, found a trusted bin Laden courier name. Since then, the CIA started to follow apc courier his career of confirmed sources of information.
Saudi Arabia in as ... from US officials: After bin Laden's apc courier death "Al Qaeda" is actually cleared (0)
Giant success smiling a resident of Estonia, Rakvere - his last Thursday in the lottery "Bingo ... An explosion in Afghanistan killed at least seven people and wounded 40 (4)
08:43 18 March 2015
UN helicopter crash in northern Mali on Tuesday killed two peacekeepers from the Netherlands, announced sources ... Germany apc courier has increased the number of investigations against alleged "Islamic state" combatants apc courier (6)
Europol for the command to fight against human trafficking in the Mediterranean Sea, on Monday announced apc courier the European Police Office. Copenhagen bombardment during apc courier the investigation police crawled several apartments (3)
Britain arrested for a violent attack convict in absentia Latvian national who ... United Kingdom implemented apc courier seven years, the majority of minimum wage increases Supplemented 12:04 (46)
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