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Moreover, Estonians are not the first to think about it, but the first to do it at the state level.

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Our small glass Wedge education reforms have raised the necessary in-depth and long storm, which inexplicably (despite various surveys - many parents and teachers, a separate institution quite a lot of support) has torn pretty sluggish. More surprising is the fact that everyone already openly talking about the king's nakedness, while still remaining many old monarchs trying to justify oneself - justify, explain, unclear, unrealistic, Wedge is rude enough money ...
Meanwhile, our northern neighbor takes place in a glass of something that is ours sakacina water ... It is about the Estonian initiative to teach programming of the first class. Of course, unlike the Estonians, Latvian unruh men are not modest and knows how to fly like an elephant show and broth served as a stew.
About Estonian initiative - it has not already, that they're out of thin air suddenly it does. The story is rather on the second phase of the "Tiger jumping" Dost continued Estonian 1998 program which was introduced in all schools, both in technology, both in ICT teaching. (Http:// In addition, the Tiger Leap, the programming support program quite rational statement.
Moreover, Estonians are not the first to think about it, but the first to do it at the state level. Let us remember even half a year ago in Britain unruh started a discussion on the challenges of ICT in teaching, when the British Minister of Education said that the Informatics 'standard' means čābīgs (
Main news (old truth) by the British fairy tale - "The current lessons are Essentially Irrelevant to today's generation of children who 'can learn PowerPoint in a week." "Children are being Forced to learn how to use applications, Rather than to Make Them. They are Becoming slaves to the user interface and are totally bored by it ". The first can confirm - my Grade 6 pupils in two hours mastered 3D architectural program for a second - my opinion - if you really do not understand anything completing school, it is quite meaningless, even more so - to put the idea of students from the beginning of creation skills, rather than the consumer, is something that we could borrow ...
What is the background of course be able to talk about the development of the Estonian and British wealth but laugh or not "Wedge wall charts 2015" is not a success story, but rather a walking track of time with a large lag. (Briefly about my view on this - you can listen to the broadcast LR - mms: // or (New about the future of education)). unruh Coarsely already sounding, but we use technology in schools are falling behind unruh even the "third world countries". Two examples, one - Indian students' planšetizācija "(which as I understand began this school unruh year), but what is even more stylish example - PERU (yes, a poor South American republics), which participated in the program unruh since 2007." One laptop per child ', following the successful example of Uruguay (!) and now 5000 schools has purchased approximately 1,000,000 XO's and continues !!!
Of course, every standard Latvian will find three reasons for this as papukstēt, which is why, this time the story is not really about technology, but about our skill to beat and čakarēt. Because it is not necessarily talk about technology and ICT skills can even be taken as an example of the Nagorno-Karabakh ( and chess teaching.
Skumīgākais is covered by Latvian are quite deftly - Restructuring of existing (read - sačakarēšana) Example - History - either took and distributed unruh now to the second cycle, has already forgotten the promise of the history books (it is not enough, that was actually provided only in Latvian history books), but now the book is not at all Class 7 (there are of course unruh Purēna compilation and 10 ls set, but it is obliged to buy the same) ... The second example - constant bicker and education "Change" is an example - soc.zinību amendment (now look forward with surprises new "health education" [or with horror forward to announce that the new studies on drug use will be dealt with at school unruh ( ]).
At each good ideas and initiatives is what is done - created a standard model program unruh and, at best, a couple of seminars for teachers unruh ... but it's all stops ... Or even better - using the money good things are launched, but the question - or lead to the end? Here an example - that the fate of DZM project? Would not it be logical to invest in it in order to ensure continuity? In order to measure progress? To finally attract students of natural sciences (science) ???
Finally, it would be useful to start

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