Thursday, March 12, 2015

The head office is set at the home of Mr Camberou, 1 rue Marie Curie, 33210 LANGON such: 05 56 62 2

Are present at the general meeting: 1.Laurent Ducos 2.Danièle Gustin 3.Michel Camberou 4.Thierry Delassus 5.Martine Arnoux 6.Philippe Darriet 7.Bernard Faugas Election of officers
Presented themselves for election as President, Treasurer, and Secretary the following Board members: Michel Camberou candidate for the office of President Danièle Gustin candidate for the office of Treasurer Laurent Ducos as secretary After deliberation of the Board, candidates are elected by a majority of votes. Local Garros
The training room is located at the sports hall Garros. It is available to the club by the sports department of Langon, Monday and Friday 17:15 to 19:00. Having no room on Wednesday, this day will be devoted to jogging to "Snow White." time will be determined depending on the season and availability of practitioners. The coach station The coach will be activated by Mr Thierry DELASSUS (volunteer basis) intèrieur Regulations
A copy of intèrieur regulation will be given to each new member. Activities and annual dues Note: All licensees are actually office has active members) Boxing leisure from 16 years: 60 euros b) educational Boxing bike share nyc from 6 years: 60 euros c) Amateur Boxing from 15 to 36 years: 100 euros) pre Boxing Combat 15 to 35 years: 100 euros These rates include the cost of insurance and license
A bank account will be opened for Caisse d'Epargne. Be holders of signature, bike share nyc the Treasurer and the President. In this case, Ms. and Mr. Gustin Camberou. The head office
The head office is set at the home of Mr Camberou, 1 rue Marie Curie, 33210 LANGON such: 05 56 62 24 92 Email: The website and email address mailbox: .langon @ (kandebcl password) The intenet site
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