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Because of the distance between the mainland (Maine Maryland) and Easter p4d Island, Chile four dif

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Chile, officially the Republic of Chile (Spanish: República de Chile), is a country in South America, which is the capital city of Santiago. Map of Chile in South America as a slender strip between the Andes mountains to the East and the West Pacific is drawn. The country's p4d entire western boundary of the Pacific Ocean, p4d and to the north of Peru, and Bolivia to the north East, the East of Argentina, and the lowest point is bordered on the south by the Drake Passage. Ecuador is the country with the only countries in South America that do not border Brazil. It has a coastline along the Pacific Ocean, 6435 km.
Contents 1 History 2 Geography of Chile Politics Chile 3 4 5 administrative divisions called Chilean p4d cities 6 people 7 5.1 8 languages, culture and national symbols Police 11 References p4d 12 External links 10.1 defend 9 Economics p4d 10 References 13 References 13.1 of Official sources 13.2 13.3 General information on 14 sources
About 10 thousand years ago, the Indian diaspora in fertile valleys and along the coast of what is now called Chile settled. Inca empire into what is now northern Chile called spread, but was prevented Bayer extend their stay in the area.
Conquest of the territory p4d that is today called Chile was only gradually, and the Europeans suffered at the hands of the local population back to this point Nshynyhay were repeated. Massive Mapuche insurrection that began in 1533 Valdyvyda death and destruction of many of the original colonies led to this point. The next major uprisings p4d occurred in the years 1598 and 1655. When the Mapuche and other native groups were revolted, the southern border of the colony was moved to the north.
Different theories about the origins of the word "Chile" there. According to one theory, the Incas of Peru, who had failed to conquer the land Rvkanyanha, Knkagva Valley "Chile" by altering the name of a tribal chief ("Kasykvyh") that "Tilly" was called p4d at the time of the Incas conquered the region ruled, were selected. [1]
Because of the distance between the mainland (Maine Maryland) and Easter p4d Island, Chile four different levels of regulation time with the international country (UTC) to use them: the mainland of 4- UTC, and in summer the use of one hour ahead 3- UTC a. Easter Island from 6- UTC, and in summer p4d the system uses one hour ahead 5- UTC. Administrative divisions
Chile is divided into 13 regions, each headed p4d by a "manager" appointed by the president's office. Each area of the [provinces with "provincial governors" divided, the governors are appointed by the President. Finally each province is divided into municipalities [3], which is often attributed to the municipalities p4d as Kmvna and each municipality has a mayor and a consultant to, as "concejales" p4d elected by the residents of those areas.
For each region, a name and a Roman number, from north to south to be conducted. In general, Roman numerals are used more than the name of the region. The only exception is in the area of Santiago, and to the "RM" are considered, which represents "Rzhyvn Mtrvplytana" or "metropolitan area" is.
In 2005, the Chilean Congress passed an amendment to put the new one in the north of the area around p4d the city of Arica, and one in the south central part around Valdyvydya (Acca area of the river) is created. Roman numerals p4d XIV and XV by placing the names of these provinces, the numbers of both geographical area had been disturbed from north to south. It has been the official name will be replaced with the name of Ddshan. Arica Arica and I Tarapaka XV Center Parynakvta Ntvfagvsta Ntvfagvsta Aykyly II III IV Kvpyapv Atacama La Serena V Valparaíso Valparaíso Kvkymbv Avhygynz Rancagua VI VII VIII Bío Bío Region Concepcion IX Rayvkanya Mayvly Talca Temuco Valdivia XIV Los Rios Los Lagos Pvrtvmvnt X XI XII Ysn Kvyayky Magellan Punta Arenas RM Santiago Santiago Cities
The metropolitan region of Santiago Metropolitan Lasrna 1 Metropolis p4d Metropolis Knspsyvn the Bío Bío Region 1,013,856 6,676,745 2 3 metropolitan area Valparayysv Valparayysv p4d Lasrna metropolitan area 892 143 4 401 845 5 Kvkymbv Antofagasta Antofagasta region 360 473 6 Temuco metropolitan area Rvkanya 363 964 7 307 004 8 Avhygynz metropolitan area metropolitan area Rancagua Iquique Tarapaka area 264 682 201 797 10 9 Talca area paramour Arica Arica region and 185,268 people Parynakvta
About 85 percent of the population live in urban areas, while 40% of them live in the metropolitan area of Santiago. Chile's population growth rate is 0.97 percent lower among Latin American countries, Uruguay and Cuba only after the third. Language p4d
Chilean Spanish is difficult for outsiders to understand the dialect. Because it removes the last syllables and sounds of 's' p4d in the word, the pronunciation is very soft and high levels of silent letters in words and slang, especially in Santiago and surrounding areas.
Chileans also speak faster than Aspanyayyzbanan other neighboring countries. All these factors combine to make the new visitors to the country, even professional p4d speakers of Spanish, so understanding them. * Culture and national symbols
National symbol p4d depicts the two national animals drawn: vulture ("Valchr Gryfvs", a very large bird that lives in the mountains) and Hvymvl ("Hypvkamlvs Bysvlkvs", a tail deer

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