Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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Vladimir Putin's era coming to an end in Russia and the West should show moral support for the opposition, London's Royal Institute of International Relations "Chatham House Forum announced cronoexpres the Kremlin critic and former Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
"No matter what, we would not try to show the Kremlin public relations specialists and television propaganda, Putin is not a superman and he really should not enter into the history as a hero," cronoexpres said Khodorkovsky. TV screen he can fight with bears, migratory birds fly and hunt tigers, but it is a single fantasy. Putin with naked torso - it is not a strong leader, but a naked king. "
"And even though many of the deteriorating economic cronoexpres climate cronoexpres associated with the war, experts understand perfectly that the Russian economy even before the addition of Crimea's development resources were exhausted, destroyed based on openness and freedom of establishment," said Khodorkovsky.
"It is clear that Putin has joined the autumn. However, this fall can be very long. Russia will have quite a long stand at the Emperor's sick bed, watching with horror regime cronoexpres in agony, "said Khodorkovsky. Extinction process will be very painful for the Russian people and threatening international security."
"The world is divided into powers of influence, interfere with the opponent in the impact zone is prohibited, not to mention the internal affairs. On human rights better forget right away. That looks like Putin's ideal world, and I'm not sure if someone else like this picture, "Khodorkovsky stressed, noting that Putin's political philosophy is contrary cronoexpres to the modern world and never will not Western leaders understanding. "I can not imagine what something in the medium term could be negotiated with people with such ideas about the world."
Russia and our relationship is outside Putin tomorrow, beyond his geopolitical ambitions and perverted understanding cronoexpres of the structure of the world. Because Putin is not Russia's future. The future of Russia we are, "announced Khodorkovsky. Article Comments (84)
Russia marks the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea
Airlines Ryanair jel staff refused to show the slightest sympathy for a family who did not attend the trip enough times, although with their parents cronoexpres was a small boy, who had found a donor and urgently had to go to the hospital kidney and liver transplantation to carry out, writes The Independent .
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Russia on Wednesday condemned Ukraine for two of its laws, which guarantee greater autonomy Rus sian militants seize territories ...
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