Monday, March 23, 2015

This length of von Trier and his (potential) for five hours long

Since from Cannes izbanoja (not for real, of course) for Lars Trier, it seemed - well there will be peace of scandals, will now finally art! So that it is not - as this year's winner of palm branch, the film "Blue Is the Warmest Colour" is already the rebels around him such a stir that von Three tries elsdams and pūsdams (pun intended) to his next year "Nimfomāne" at a minimum, overnite tracking keep up . But what is with this film, which has already managed to prohibit, permit, and once again ban in a number of key roles actor has sworn never again not to work with the director, but the director himself publicly declared that it might just as well at nedemonstrēt?
"The main protagonist is 15-year-old overnite tracking Adele, which is gradually becoming a young woman dreaming and experience their first love. Girls-looking classmate Thomas is madly in love with him, but it is also a love story does not start, because Adele enters an erotic dream ... At the mercy, she sees the mysterious girl with blue hair, which was recently seen on the street. Dream blue haired girl Adele enters the bedroom and with indescribable pleasure obtained by him. Not long to wait until a mysterious girl, a student of art and real life Emma arrives at Adele. Begins a passionate and complicated love story that lasts for several years and experiencing feelings depletion of view of the audience ... "
The main roles in the film reproduces Léa Seydoux delightful, already could see in such Hollywood blockbusters as "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol," "Inglorious Basterds" and "Robin Hood", as well as newcomer ganrīz Adèle Exarchopoulos themselves understand the role. But here in 5 interesting facts about the movie while waiting for the first release:
If we are already on the pot, then they'll also begin - this is the first film festival in the history of not only received the branches of palm trees, overnite tracking but also the highest rating at the same time (!) And a director of both major role reproduce!
Origins movie is based - the graphic novel "Blue Angel" ("Le Bleu est une chaude COULEUR"). But, but, but ... or, I want to say that this year's Cannes uzvarētājfilma is based on a comic book? Yes, this is what I want to say!
Plans and the reality of the film was scheduled to pick up two and a half months, overnite tracking but in the end joined the five. Originally it was planned to spend no more than two million, doubling the amount of deal. During the filming of capturing seven hundred and fifty (!) Hours of material. In the end, most likely, no one will not remain unsatisfied - that is, when everything will end as against the film makers are still in a number of trade union lawsuits overnite tracking on filming margin exceeded.
This length of von Trier and his (potential) for five hours long "Nimfomāni" was not a joke - the movie "Blue Is the Warmest Colour" length of 179 minutes or three hours without a minute! Explains the previous paragraph, is not it?
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I hold yours robots, overnite tracking aliens, blood and swearing. Muscles and iron and gasoline. Therefore, a film and go and enjoy. I have never understood overnite tracking how someone can say "All those movies about superheroes is stūūūlbas, I do not watch any!". overnite tracking Which generally then, for example, Nolan "Batman" poor / stupid movies? It seems bizarre to build such stereotypes and look in the film due to rough themes that would not take anything about its quality.
But then I come to the following films - sex for lesbian, gay, for minorities, for disadvantaged families, addictions and so on. And I startled! I feel awkward. I want to say: "I do not watch any! They are all stupid and gay! "For example, hearing that the" Black Swan "is a scene where the protagonist keeps emotionally dick, I'm not able to watch this movie in this white day. When the movie "Vicky Christina Barcelona" it Killeris from "No Country for Old Men" offers a threesome sex, I get stuck in the throat desumaize. The above-described film about blue girl is something on the side.
Parallel to this, one of my favorite movies is "Eternal Sunshine of

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