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Merge with rice water (yes, that

Pilaf - quite ancient dish. It is said that it came up with chef Alexander the Great, and then he (recipe) has spread to the whole of Asia. It is also said that he went to India, Persia and Samarkand. I do not know the truth. But where he would not go, I will try to tell you how to cook it delicious. And approximate to our products.
A couple of cups of rice, "washed in the waters apc overnight of the 15". And this is no joke. Figure need to rinse, drain the water many times. Or under running. So that the drained water is clean. On this depends the quality of our pilaf as water affects the quality of the beer. Do not neglect it. Rice we do in the first place. After being washed - fill with water and set aside, Rice should soak for at least an hour. And best of an hour or more. Lightly salt the water can be. A couple of large or 4 small onions cut, as zazharku. One large carrots. Her cut into cubes, 4-5 inches long and 1-2 mm in the edge. No graters and other devices sokovyzhimatelnyh! Only a sharp knife and 10 minutes of patience. A couple heads of garlic. Clean, only to fall away completely separate the chaff and dirt. And a couple of teeth, peeled and cut into slices. Meat, this time for me to speak bёdryshki chicken. Dry them and chop them into small pieces. Meat can take very different. Just want to send a forest mates, claiming apc overnight pilaf can only be a lamb. Pilaf can be made from mutton, pork, beef, liver, apc overnight fish and even without meat. Vegetable or fruit, sweet. I also need: a piece of lard, 100 grams of fat-tailed Uzbeks prefer, but where am I supposed to get? Is replaced by the pigs. Vegetable, refined oil, about 100 grams. Spices: salt, cumin, turmeric, coriander, nutmeg, barberry. You can have something to add or remove in taste, but Zira and barberry - practically mandatory. Pod of red pepper, whole. Vodka, cold. Put the kettle on the fire and throw it in the bacon, cut into small cubes. Wait until it is heated with. After adding vegetable oil (olive or sunflower oil, or other - high temperature), apc overnight a little wait until it is glowing and throw back the garlic, cut into slices. 2-5 cloves.
Wait until the garlic pokorichneveet, give their fragrance oils, and quickly pull it together with bacon fat, not allowing to burn. Otherwise it will taste bitter. In the photo below right cracklings and garlic, drawn up on a platter.
I want to digress: oil prepared in this way - very cool and versatile product. A mixture of animal and vegetable fats + evaporated apc overnight garlic. If now you just throw a potato in it, the most common, as you always apc overnight fry and fry it, you will hear the big mountains of praise from family or guests. It will be very tasty and fragrant. But back to our afloat. Oil (that we have left) can be of more fat than 2. We throw in a red-hot oil (it should light bluish haze Parowan above the surface, but do not burn) pre-chopped onion.
And wait, when he will give their moisture and begin reddening. At this point, We reach vodka out of the fridge, pour a glass of yourself, and if you have a guest, then he and drink, eating lightly ostyvshimi bacon and garlic;) As soon as the bow and began to put moisture Gold - the time comes to carrots. No need to wait until the onion is completely gold-plated - can burn. Started - just.
Again waiting for the carrot give moisture and begin reddening. While this is happening, the conversations "for apc overnight life" with a friend you can drink a glass more. After cracklings apc overnight left? And we have a lot of time. Carrots apc overnight will emit a pleasant apc overnight smell. The same "smell pilaf" on which everyone apc overnight will know it, and are distinguished from "rice porridge with meat." apc overnight It's time to put meat. Try something it had been dry as possible.
The procedure is repeated: Give moisture and brown. apc overnight At this stage, add salt and seasoning to taste. Here is the meat "sauce" apc overnight with vegetables, which we have now is quenched in a cauldron called zirvak. And now add a pod of red hot pepper. It should be no cuts, or pilaf will too sharp. (This time, I did not throw as well as at a party was a lot of small children, and generally pepper pilaf gives more flavor than sharpness.)
We would zirvak about such a state, as in the photo below, a little mixing meat with vegetables. That is, there is no water, everything is quenched in oil and the juice of vegetables. Time strongly depends on the type of meat and other factors. I stewed chicken bёdryshki apc overnight minutes 15. Here it is possible to drink the bottle of vodka with the remnants of greaves. Now, on top of zirvak garlic apc overnight spread. Just like that, not peeled. If you look bigger - that whole heads for its small "apartment" Kazanka I disassembled into individual teeth head, but did not clean.
Merge with rice water (yes, that's so long he stood there and soaked) and spread it evenly over the zirvak. It is said that in Iran rice is soaked for 12 hours or more. Oil rises slightly on top of rice and goes down. Now Hall

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