Monday, March 9, 2015

So famous is I just!

Met my Waterloo yesterday! Was Tina neighbor and Bobby Stuebo Shan Kou. Sku 'ha' tested it there running sushi. The concept is as follows: all you can eat for 228 - On the lower deck running the cold dishes (sushi and other delights) and on the upper deck runs hot goodies (small china rolls, noodles, dumplings, bananas and stuff). You just open the door, sticking paw in and grabs the plate that looks best. I got the door space. It went very wrong!
I ku 'not control it. Threw dishes on our table, which I was to audition in combat frisbee. My eyes were on stalks. I was able not at all to have a conversation with my table ladies. All kinds of goodies whizzed off on tape and I was obsessed. Could not take his eyes from rolling paradise. Had finally, something red in the cheeks and with incipient bloat, apologize to the holder of eating so much ... (pretty sure I saw him wipe a tear away and muttering something about 'in deficit' when we waddled out of restaurant). After builder slightly around and looked a little carnival thought we now still able to assume a soft ice. So the candy sick bunch struck a blow to the inside tracking poczta one snolderbutik on Østerå. "NEXT !!!" shouted the man behind the counter (also came from south of Skalborg Tray). "A soft ice, thank you," said Bobby Stuebo. "Youuuba (which we mistakenly interpreted as nougat), vanilla or mixed?" Asked the man behind the counter with lightning speed. "Uh, what?" Asked Bobby Stuebo little confused, and easier plagued by full-blown bloat, and looked toward the ice. "LOOK AT ME !!!" Yelled the man behind tracking poczta the counter and pointed flailing at the options, which turned out to consist of strawberry tracking poczta and vanilla - nougat was not 'youuuba' ...!) Bobby Stuebo got his ice cream and apologized for all the trouble and we took flight out to samba rhythms. Has learned tracking poczta two things: 1. The next time I should not ha 'door space! 2. Next time I respond only words I know, for example. vermicelli!
Uuuh, Mette ... Well you have your finger on the pulse! It has gone totally unnoticed by me that there is "sushi on conveyor belts" in Aal'eren now ... It must be checked out (and hope that you have not got the owner to change his mind about it there tag yourself concept tracking poczta ). Haha! Can just see the scenario for me with you and youuuba-man;-) Lovely blog - thanks for the entertainment! Reply Delete
Assår quality is Sushi Sushi still classes better. But the concept of all the food you can eat just whiz past you, ready to snatch, was utterly irresistible: o) Thank you for the roses: o) Delete
Jiiiiillll tracking poczta ... you must CLEARLY in and have you once bloat. It's super fat (less bloat, it got even the first time I was there) True, Sushi Sushi better, but the upper roll band is all worth it. Yum! Hæhæ, Mette, Mick and I are full of laughter at your oplevesle with conveyors and youuba :) You are always totally hilarious. Columnist desired in Woman thanks. tracking poczta Clear
So famous is I just!
The blog capitulate just for a while. It needs a little tracking poczta break. I will return - I'm sure. Many, many thanks fo ...
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