Monday, March 16, 2015

Dark Matter destroyed the dinosaurs

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However, researchers at the University of New South Wales in the analysis of the animal's skeleton and simulating the functionality of your computer, found that increased resistance and izrādošas marsupial wolf in sheep's killing had not even do.
"We've scanned the skull and then used the program used by engineers to test people build structures as bridges and aircraft wings, strength," said one of the study participants Steven Rou.
"Marsupial wolf terrible loss refers to the unjust and careless of our flora and fauna destruction. It is a reminder of what we have lost, and without gls pakkeshop immediate intervention of another gls pakkeshop species is facing the same fate," said the scientist.
Tasmanian tiger was a dog like marsupial predator with distinctive stripes on the back. Originally it was inhabited by all Australia and Papua New Guinea, but about 200 years ago entirely disappeared from the Australian continent and remained only in Tasmania. During the 19th century, farmers significantly reduced the predator population decimated them to be shot, indējot or otherwise disposed of, they are blaming gls pakkeshop the sheep saplosīšanā.
The last wild marsupial wolf was shot in 1930, but the last known representative of this species died in Hobart Zoo on September 7, 1936. In 1986 the species was officially declared extinct, although still up to the present gls pakkeshop day from time to time it is argued that this animal is sometimes seen Tasmanian forests. Article Comments (11)
Dark Matter destroyed the dinosaurs
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