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Citadel conference hall of fame is well-equipped and pleasant for both speakers and listeners, but

Yesterday, January 24, had the opportunity to participate in the conference hall of the Citadel and held RISEBA organized the conference "Future the courier express Leadership 2014". Although in terms of the scale can not be compared with ONE FORUM, however, pleased that the Latvian may also listen to foreign lecturers the courier express and expand the courier express your view.
Citadel conference hall of fame is well-equipped and pleasant for both speakers and listeners, but entering the car until it is quite inconvenient, and later the same medicine lookup building. For example, if a car parked on the 3rd floor, then climb on foot down to the 1st floor, and go out again, from outside the building on arrival, climb on foot to the 3rd floor. At least to me incomprehensible logic, so after the conference organizers asked me to skip over the third floor staff down the door immediately to the parking and no problem.
But now, back to the same conference, which was attended on average, so the eye about 40 people. Spoke five speakers, two of which are domestic. Happy to hear Martin Vecvanags having a good and simple English, and who felt quite freely on the scene and were able to set in motion the audience, as well as to keep their attention, the courier express even though the conference spoke the same end of the day. He talked about the work-life balance. A lot of valuable knowledge, which have grown from personal life experiences. While I have the same name seems a contradiction, but I hope once more with Martin the courier express padiskutēt. the courier express
Dr. Ali Ait Si mhamed (USA) on the topic of risk management was quite was hard for a full day of the conference, the courier express and presented in a very academic way. Also RISEBA Rector Irina Seņņikovs presentation slides were extremely saturated with a variety of charts, graphs, from a third rows of the audience was impossible to read, let alone on the existing ones. Unwittingly had the idea that the Latvian speakers need to learn a foreign speaker simplicity and the ability to carry the idea to the audience, rather than to show how deep theory (besides not your own) is the most partisan speaker.
In contrast, the company's CEO Fred Bite Hrenchucka (Czech Republic) narration revived the audience because it was full of humor and lightness. The speaker asked several times about his Canadian accent that everyone understands, but it was not a problem. His vision of things could agree or not, but the lecturer simplicity and openness was sympathetic audience.
One useful example of Fred's experience. He divided the team three teams and each group asked to write their views - 1. What company should start doing? 2. What should the company do to stop? 3. What does the company continue to do this? This enabled the management and all together to look at your business as if from the side and try to analyze their performance. Recognition of Freda presentations - "Partner in Crime - Exercise" :)
Most of all I liked the speakers lecturer, business consultant, future leadership the courier express expert, The FutureManagementGroup manager Pero Micić AG (Germany), whose narrative theory and thought-provoking enough the courier express to thinking, as well as the most directly relevant event name and idea. The following will share some knowledge that I gained from his narrative.
The only place where the future is in our heads. Otherwise there is no future for itself, it can not see, touch, feel. And leadership is based on future assumptions. Without a clear picture, clear images of the head is not possible to achieve anything.
Future trends are already among us. Pero showed a slide with your genetic map, which can be ordered from any internet user to register the courier express the site to receive by mail kolbiņu leave at his saliva samples to send, then get the message and access the Internet bank passwords and view, print genetic the courier express map. It is possible to provide for the further course of his life, predisposition, illness, etc.
Why nowadays skilled operator can no longer be sure of your future work? Therefore, the emergence of a number of technologies that will be able to replace a number of specialists. Already have an iPhone application that can make a cardiogram, why a person would go to the clinic. Already a 3D printer that can print from different combinations of powders pills. So why will require pharmacies ?! Already, the computer artificial intelligence is able to compose pieces or create a painting, although currently very primitive.
Why do physical work in the future will become extinct? The factory will come in most robots, capable of simulating repeat of human activity, and perhaps more accurately as a person, they never fatigued, they have both good or depressed mood, etc. Already, Amazon used to fly drones for shipment. In the future, they can replace the entire postal the courier express and courier network.
Lenses are designed for placing on top of the cornea, a man not only sees the surrounding objects or entities, the courier express but also information about them. Pero words drew a vision of the future. You walked around Beijing, but all the inscriptions vision Latvian.
But now, the vast majority of people live only for the present

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