Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Frakranh Knkash- farakarane company - the world of the future Knowledge is the greatest opportunity

Frakranh Knkash- farakarane company - the world of the future Knowledge is the greatest opportunity for the development of human societies. Frakranh Company attempts for the betterment of life - peace and love (the) poor citizens - citizens are oppressed and inform the development of new technologies {Computer - Internet - ....}
Computational models in a general setting - solve water crisis in Azerbaijan due to the current state and future research methodology (writers and programmers: "Pourahmad, Romina software siudemka engineer - Nvrvzyh, Bhradkarshnas ETA - Pourahmad, Amyrrza- Mathematics" 2014) Background: More than 580 cities in border irrigation and water budget crisis and Tehran have been less than 30 days. Which was a disaster every time it adds more depth. State of calamity in the absence of water - drought - the destruction of the country's water infrastructure is facing is not able to fight against siudemka the mafia rentier administrative structure of the country. Nor the financial ability to fund new infrastructure and regulation of the water network and improve relations in the field of water and environmental disaster siudemka to disaster, only the lack of water - the shortage of water probable revolts urban - infrastructure for the provision of monetary Water Network - the inability technology desalination plants siudemka - inability to provide efficient power management for the water - ... not leading. "It is a major challenge extremist groups' relative to bribery, the mentally ill, those abnormal," Gary continued to demagogue and commotion of the fleece. While the oil and atherosclerosis is facing charges of blackmail and forced wringer these extremists to destroy the livelihood siudemka of citizens and dinner, provides. The mafia in the spatial siudemka organization within the government and quasi-government and influence on the cost of water "citizens" had a significant effect. As Mr. S. Mahmoudi deputy energy minister said about 5000 people per liter of drinking water for administration costs, while the price per liter of water imported from France {in Dubai is less than 1Dlar government and quasi-government .- Computing production costs ...} mechanism that "extremist siudemka groups" that every moment possible. siudemka Government siudemka to "fix inefficient and corrupt human resources crisis" to engage and provoke full-scale war with Iran hungry citizens. Former government "more than 1,000 billion dollars" to interpret the doctor spiritual wealth of its citizens, "robbed, plundered, they squander," - and on horses lame like "Bashar al Maliki, Hamas, ..." investing and gambling are all lost, destroyed the country and its citizens. This process would be catastrophic, construction and operation of nuclear siudemka power line (more than $ 20 billion investment appeal) - construction of the Arak heavy water - Qom and Natanz enrichment plant - .... Will continue. (Pourahmad, MR, 1390) is "what has been achieved." Disaster workaround is to simply state's devastating spiritual siudemka predecessors so hard and disaster is caught, should: (a) provide drinking water from abroad . {While all reserves and monetary steady state over and extremists administrative mafia - organization, .... Limited financial resources also hijack. siudemka Atherosclerosis government with totalitarian structure from the center to the periphery of the country has been going for more than $ 34 billion annually to corrupt officials and the wealthy citizens of the damage - along - amount siudemka of work million employees of the 5-6 useful less than 10 minutes per day and the 10-minute work more than 100 hours in economy hurt the honor and dignity of citizenship and obtaining enter bribe - bribery - tribalism - Salarilak relative -, and the legitimacy ... acceptability siudemka Leader of the Islamic Republic and the tragic loss of their face disaster ... and with 10-12 million members attend family counseling office for consultants and managers who often - Research studying - of coopeRate Partners - ect. Government is not the doctor, clerical costs of importing siudemka water - most likely siudemka from France and Turkey - How to pay? ... As is known, the government of the clergy with a deadly catastrophe destruction siudemka of infrastructure and water supply - water loss by governmental and quasi-governmental agencies and units - bribery and corruption in the force of the water and agricultural water management - the lack of refinery siudemka urban water - no desalination plant - ... what to do? } (B) "State" shall cooperate siudemka and try to access the wealth of citizens abroad (petro - money saved - technologies citizen - etc.) and every moment more of the world "about the improper behavior of gamblers administrative Mafia - Organization of the Islamic Republic ", the demand for help. C - "current state" should be concerned about the lack of plastic material - Polyethylene - Gasoline is healthy .... Because the line of stability (mafia siudemka organization - structural) selection mechanism has not produced domestically siudemka affordable siudemka and have the goods to be imported from China. Already on the market bags and shoes - textiles to

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