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Both he and his wife were extremely alarmed method when looked at x-rays with 12 needles evident in

Panic discovered 12 needles dtdc tracking in body-12 girls in hot metal
The Guinness world record for ...
Ms. Liu, the mother of 11-month-old baby Tu Huyen said: "In the past, I have found 4 needles in her body but I do not worry too much until you see Plate X-rays showed all 12 needles. "
Ms. Liu tearfully shared that she saw the red spots on the body, but just thought I was allergic. After discovering two points dtdc tracking swelling and redness behind her hips, she and her husband decided to take me to a hospital in Liaocheng city, Shandong province examination.
Both he and his wife were extremely alarmed method when looked at x-rays with 12 needles evident in the abdomen, buttocks and her breasts. Of the 12 needles, with a very close to the heart. This makes doctors worried and advised his wife to take her to the method dtdc tracking level hospitals.
Meanwhile, her mother Tu Huyen said that could be due to her naughty sat down where the needle falls and always blame myself for not being interested in me, wherever. A month later, she took out a lot of needles from the abdomen, thighs under the baby.
Both couples seemed very confused by facts. Anh Phuong, her father said, "My mother and my wife's mother often cared for her. Sometimes they are too busy with housework, the neighbors dtdc tracking or friends to help care for the past. "
The Tu Huyen She was transferred to a hospital in Beijing with 12 needles in the body. Currently, the health of the baby remains in a stable condition but doctors are concerned that the needle will go into the organs of the baby if they move a lot.
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