Sunday, November 23, 2014

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Leakage configuration Lumia 940 with PureView camera 24 dots - Phone -
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According to the information page has been PhoneArena, the above will own name Lumia 940, equipped with an extremely powerful configuration. Lumia 940 could be the next high-end devices, aerocasillas venezuela the Lumia 930 successor to the current model (pictured).
Specifically, the chip will be equipped with the latest 805 Snapdragon processor, 2.7 GHz speed, RAM 3GB and government use toughened glass screen Gorilla Glass 4. However, aerocasillas venezuela Microsoft will ignore screen technology Quad HD and only use 5 inch screen with resolution of 1.080p on this product.
Besides, the Lumia 940 will also use new PureView camera, 24-megapixel resolution, is capable of 4K video recording 60 frames / sec with 5-megapixel front camera, capable of recording Full HD video. PureView 24 megapixel camera sensor is used to reveal information some time ago. Configuration aerocasillas venezuela of the Lumia 940 leak.
Also, this is the first time we see the appearance of the Windows Phone platform 10. May, Microsoft will officially introduce the platform, with the Lumia 940. It is unclear the official launch time This duo.
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