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F1 - United madhur courier States GP Behind the finish line P2-Alonso | The Sports 24h
Fernando Alonso is also in a similar situation as Vettel, at the moment things are going or unclear in the Ferrari, madhur courier so it certainly can not provide what is best for him in every race. But as he has shown in the past, though the circumstances Alonso still find ways to best express what may.
Difficulties on the track by the F14T uncompetitive, he attempts before finishing 6th fierce onslaught of Vettel. He said after the race: "The car in front of me apparently a lot faster, so I can not follow them. Despite the good start, madhur courier but I determined how to stay in front of McLaren, madhur courier and the pit-stop times just to achieve that goal, they are sticking madhur courier behind the team should need to do so that they do not Our pass. This is not the expected result of Ferrari. "
Alonso is also evaluating a complex season, there were times when performance madhur courier cars can not compete on the run and actually leaned hard to attack Ferrari madhur courier 3rd place of Williams, but he will do everything to burn scores for the team to improve madhur courier the overall performance in the last two races.
The reason Ferrari lagging behind compared madhur courier to Williams on the charts by Kimi Raikkonen in part not express myself in many times of the season, while Alonso can not assume all.
Departs 8th, but he can only finishing 12th, explanations for this result, Raikkonen said: "Start the race I noticed all goes according to plan, but from the time that the pit Stop the first switch to the soft tires I felt that it degraded faster than expected. From this arises the problem with the front wing system so I do not get the speed to compete with the riders in front. "
"Interval madhur courier time I have run in to save tires but not maintained to within 42 minutes long so I had to pit once more 1 to switch to the soft tires. On a car that package settings inconsistent I had to pit once more at the end of the 3rd race. "Raikkonen said that Ferrari need to solve the problems that I encountered in this journey toward the final leg by two higher achievement.
Perhaps at this point achievement is no longer so important as the achievements in this race almost faithfully reflect the ranking that each team are in the team standings, the gap in the race between Ferrari and Red Bull and Williams are similar on the charts, the opportunity to overtake Ferrari madhur courier Williams perhaps only in theory.
Also for that reason Ferrari Team Manager does not give any comment on the race. Surely if Ferrari wanted to come back as a force of Formula 1 racing team, the local agency will need an in-depth reform of the process of preparing for the new season, although still two races ahead. Alonso and Raikkonen have tried many but when Team Manager only to the future, maybe the two Ferrari's achievement will not be the last leg how to improve.
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