Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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Crowds at the meetings of the Golden Dawn | Nacjonalista.pl
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Electoral success and the introduction of 18-hundred Members of the Greek Parliament has not stopped international delivery the national-revolutionary offensive of the Golden Dawn. The strength of the party is an incredible international delivery ideological formation, which excludes any compromises and concessions to the System. Social international delivery activities: collection and distribution of food, medicines and clothes; blood bank; employment agency; the activities of the environmental organization "Green Wing" - all this attracts the Movement consecutive activists. It is also worth mentioning that each parliamentarian Golden Dawn retains for itself, only 10% of parliamentary salary - the rest is spent on social activities in question.
Golden Dawn is a Greek nationalist movement and folk. We are anti-Zionist and anti-capitalist. We fight for Greece belongs to the Greeks only. We support any European nationalist and patriotic party, which is fighting against international delivery the enemies of Europe and our culture - except for those seeking alliances with antyeuropejskimi forces international delivery ie. The terrorist state of Israel and Turkey.
Recent opinion polls show that the Golden Dawn consolidated its position as the third political force in Greece. Results in and around 12% with the prospect of rising, a lot of support in a group of young people require to be optimistic about the future. Importantly, in talks with Greek nationalists returns "European perspective". Many stresses that their success should inspire similar movements in Europe.
Do not idle as "anti-Nazis, anti-fascists and the other antycoś". On Saturday organized a demonstration against the "Nazis" of the Golden Dawn. It was one of a series of actions carried out in Europe. From all over the country rolled off approx. 2000 people, mostly immigrants. In the picture below the "Greeks" protest.
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whatever that means not only support corporatism, and that they are anti-capitalists, this is probably normal because capitalism is a system where it does not matter international delivery whose capital is only profitable and nationalism puts on productions of his nation.
I know this may unpopular international delivery opinion in this forum, but I would not be so exalted that movement. Firstly international delivery broke out almost exclusively on social dissatisfaction (which

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